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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ADolla, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I tried searching for one, and I either didn't get far enough or I completely missed it but I couldn't find one.

    I know there are loads of Bjork fans here, so I thought I'd get a discussion going.

    Top 5 Bjork songs (I know, hard!) to break the ice?
  2. Re: General Bjork discussion

    1. Play Dead
    2. All Is Full Of Love
    3. I've Seen it All
    4. New World
    5. Hidden Place
  3. Re: General Bjork discussion

    1. Hyperballad
    2. Bachelorette
    3. Joga
    4. Pagan Poetry
    5. Dull Flame Of Desire

    As much as I love her, I have to say her recent efforts have been a touch disappointing.
  4. Re: General Bjork discussion

    As a complete Björk l00n I can safely say that I find it impossible to choose my 5 favourite B songs.

    I shall, however, try:

    1. Joga
    2. Unison
    3. 5 Years
    4. Unravel
    5. Who Is It
  5. Re: General Björk discussion

    Mine in order, are

    1. It's Not Up To You
    2. All Is Full Of Love
    3. Play Dead
    4. Mouth's Cradle
    5. Oceania
  6. Re: General Björk discussion


    1. Joga
    2. Bachelorette
    3. Hyperballad
    4. Pagan Poetry
    5. Army of Me
  7. Re: General Björk discussion

    This is boring. Let's talk.
  8. Re: General Björk discussion

    I must admit, while I love Dull Flame of Desire, Volta is not for me. I wouldn't go to that album at all if I was in a Bjork mood, I'd go to Post, Homogenic or Vespertine.

    1. Hyperballad
    2. Joga
    3. Unravel
    4. Unison
    5. It's In Our Hands
  9. Re: General Björk discussion

    Go on then. Say something interesting.
  10. Re: General Björk discussion

    I am very excited about the up and coming release of Voltaic.

    I was previously mistaken in thinking that it didn't include a DVD BUT IT DOES.

    Very exciting (for losers like me, anyway).
  11. Re: General Björk discussion

    Massive loser. "jowke jowke i make a jowke"

    Cannae wait to see Volta Live; I admit I did enjoy seeing old Bjork songs re-invented in the Volta style, espesh Joga wit horns.
  12. Re: General Björk discussion

    That Voltaic release doesn't have any new tracks does it? We seriously need some new stuff. Weren't there 4 other Timbaland tracks?
  13. Re: General Björk discussion

    I believe one it's a four-disc affair, two CDs and two DVDs. One is a Live at Olympics Studio CD, the other is a set of mixes of "Volta" songs. Regardless, I'm excited.
  14. Re: General Björk discussion

    The DVD has a much better setlist then the CD in my opinion, but you can rip audio from DVDs cant you? I want it for my iPod.
  15. Re: General Björk discussion

    The prospects of a Bjork live CD makes me very VERY excited. Her tour was amaaaaazing.

    1. Joga
    2. Hyperballad
    3. Bachelorette
    4. Innocence
    5. Big Time Sensualtiy

    MY GOD, what a good top 5.
  16. Re: General Björk discussion

    I'm not sure about the Timbaland tracks! Hadn't heard about them before... I did hear, though, that the original stuff they came up with didn't please B and she went back into the studio to redo them... No idea if that's true or not.

    And I'd love a new album. What with Tori's coming out soon I feel like we should be getting a Björk one too. I don't know why.

    You know what she's like though. One album every 2 or 3 years if you're lucky.
  17. Re: General Björk discussion

    It's not that she wasn't pleased with them. It's just that she's Björk and she likes dem beats all chopped up and chaotic.
  18. Re: General Björk discussion

    Oh roite!

    Well I read that she didn't like them but that was probably just someone trying to stir up shit for a news article.

    Or maybe I'm misremembering.

    I wouldn't be surprised.

    I only remember useless things like how lost, forgotten singles by obscure artists charted in Bulgaria.
  19. Re: General Björk discussion

    One of the things I did love about "Volta" was that as an album it took you on a journey. What with the outro of 'Earth Intruders' and the the whole of 'Wanderlust', it really accomplished an adventurous sort of theme. Where "Vespertine" was the it's-winter-so-let's-make-love-and-bake-cookies-in-our-cosy-little-cottage-on-a-glacier album, "Volta" was the I'm-bored-of-my-home-let's-get-a-brass-band-and-sail-on-a-boat-and-go-from-port-to-port.

    Oh I love Björk albums more than I should probably.
  20. Re: General Björk discussion

    Oh, Björk! I always get nostalgic this time of year as my birthday is coming up and for my 16th I got my first Björk album (Post) and absolutely fell in love with her.

    I can't lie, I was disappointed almost to the point of tears with Volta. I'd love for her to go back to her early-mid 90s "pop roots" with her next one, but I doubt it would ever happen.

    My top five would have to be

    Possibly Maybe
    The Modern Things
    Earth Intruders
    Pleasure is all Mine
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