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BL Dramas + other LGBT media from Asia

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, May 10, 2020.

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    Lemme bite the bullet (I looked through the "Films About Boys Who Like Boys" thread and after 25 pages, the genre/content is just... wholly different in intention so let's make a new thread).

    What y'all poison, girlies? 2gether? Addicted? Lovesick? Make It Right? SOTUS (blrghhh)?

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  2. Addicted!!!
    Loved how well it was made for a budget web drama. I wish I could find good Korean ones.

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  3. I don't think there's that many Korean BL series/films in general; it's mostly reserved for like, side-plots in web dramas.

    There's this that's coming out soon:

    But the episodes are apparently super short and the master/servant trope is kinda usually messy.

    But yas sis, Addicted is the OG. I remember watching it early 2017. The talentry Gu Hai & Bai Luo Yin had.

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  4. I remember watching Addicted and SHOCKED that it's a product of China. Yet you have "progressive" places like South Korea and Japan and they still have issues putting out LGBT content. The irony.
  5. This is so ridiculous.
    A girl asks what gift to get for a guy that she likes. Toilet paper, she is told. And she buys just that and puts the whole pack on his classroom table for everyone to see.
    A guy stalks another guy he just met, drugs him, cuts his clothes and buys him underwear.
    Gym teacher smacks a fat student and starts pull-ups contest with another one.
    School nurse calls her student hot in his face with other kids present.
    The script makes no sense. And yet I just binge-watched first five episodes instead of doing work that was due last week. Cannot thank you enough for bringing Addicted into my life.
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  6. A new Korean drama featuring a love triangle (man and woman vying for the same guy) stars JiYoung from KARA. Hope it’s good!

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  7. Where Your Eyes Linger has begun airing (apparently it's Korea-set but is airing only in Japan?). It being aired in Japan though means it's up on Viki and thus most Youtube uploads will get taken down pretty fast for copyright. It should be reuploaded on DailyMotion probably but right now I just see Indo subs, no English subs.

    This has a super-condensed cut of Ep 1:

    I may do like I did for HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count and just wait for the whole series to go up on Viki with subs and then watch it since you can make unlimited accounts.

    Apparently one of the official descriptions uses the term "bromance" though so it might end up being a disappointment dd.

    For those looking for more, these three are good shows to start off with that are slightly older in demographic and so the stories will be more interesting:

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  8. Never actually watched any BL shows so pardon my ignorance but are these shows worth watching as a gay man or is it all just queer baiting for straight women? I remember watching some Japanese BL in my early teens and felt turned off by how pandering it was.
  9. Good god. The first half of the Until We Meet Again trailer is depressing as fuck!
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  10. I think I finished Where Your Eyes Linger. Episode 8 seems to wrap things up? Cute story and the male leads had some great chemistry. I just wish these where full 1 hour long episodes instead of 10-12 minutes. Seems to be well liked on Viki so I hope they put out more Korean BL dramas.

    Sweet Munchies on the other hand seems to be queer bating.
    The lead actor is playing a chef that everyone thinks is gay (they didn’t reveal the chef was straight until the second episode. He’s falling for the lead actress. And the third person is the “closeted gay male” with a one-sided interest in the chef.
    I don’t want to fully judge it yet because the show does give a little insight on how gay men are treated in Korea but it can be a frustrating watch. Unfortunately the story is not well written.
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  11. It seems to have been done this way on purpose as they put out a 'movie' cut that is now up on Netflix (in at least Korea):


    The producers have apparently said they're looking into a season 2 if the streaming figures continue to do well. 2gether will also apparently be hitting Netflix in a few countries on July 30th, as well.

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  12. The last one isn't really BL, but people have been paying attention to it cause it includes the same actors from the side pair in Until We Meet Again as a couple.

  13. New series from the production company behind Where Your Eyes Linger.
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  14. Jae-joong from DBSK? Wow! Looks like it going to be light hearted. I’ll be watching for sure. I wish these are full episodes. Where your eyes linger was good but too dams short.
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  15. Sorry for the double post. I started watching this and it’s super cute and funny. It’s nice seeing a BL drama that’s light hearted. They have only released 3 episodes so far.

    Now for something totally opposite in tone. I just finished Life~Love On The Line. Just wow! Nobody can do slice of life dramas better than the Japanese. I just witnesses one of the most beautiful and romantic love story in a while.

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  16. ddd I've fallen behind due to work and have a bunch, including Mr. Heart, to actually catch up on, but the following are all starting to air soon or in the next month:

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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Lemme promo my country's best BL series yet.

    Finale this Friday! Don't miss it. Me and @Deja-Boo are stanning this series so hard.
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  19. dddd sis, the way the Philippines has had a BL explosion due to Gameboys... whew.

    I've seen the gays praise Like In The Movies. I still need to watch the following too:

    Though My Day is apparently a mess ddd.
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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    From the little I've seen, Like in the Movies and Gameboys are the best so far. Hello Stranger is cute. And yes, My Days is not it so stay away from it although it did have a pretty hot bed scene dddddddd.

    More BLs are coming so stay perched! I'll post them here if they're out.
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