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BL Dramas + other LGBT media from Asia

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, May 10, 2020.

  1. These all look cute. Even the messy My Day. I'll watch these soon!!
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  2. Slice of Life

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    Philippines' first BL movie!!! Showing/streaming this December.
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  3. So I can report that I Told Sunset About You is excellence.

    It feels more movie than series due to the cinematography and chemistry between leads.

    I never answered @Jawshxx's question but basically some shows obviously play to a more younger, female and het audience and those shows are more comedic and cute, while there are then shows (often with more queer people producing them) that are targeted to actual LGBTQ people, if not gay men specifically, and thus are more mature in tone.

    If it was in English and on Netflix, ITSAY for example would basically be the kind of artsy gay film that movie gays stan like Call Me By Your Name, etc. The most BL thing about it is that it focuses on university exams being a large plot point, like in many dramas.

    More typical BL series are SOTUS, Make It Right, Love By Chance, 2 Moons, My Tee, etc. In 2 Moons, for example, the guy can't recognize his crush until seeing him with glasses on ddd.

    There are also gay side-couples in dramas where the main couple is het (Kiss, Puppy Honey, My Dear Loser). Some teen dramas with ensemble casts in the style of Degrassi also feature gay couples like Hormones and Lovesick (though Lovesick's gay couple are the leads).

    Some aim towards older audiences. Together With Me focuses on older characters and so the writing is more mature; Theory of Love tried to do this but still is more comedic. Dark Blue Kiss focuses on characters coming to terms with being gay. Until We Meet Again is about reincarnation and Thai culture, being more HBO than CW and a good jumping point for those interested.

    But let me stop revealing just how many series I've watched in like the last 3 years and simply say go stan I Told Sunset About You!

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  4. I just finished the Cherry Magic series on Crunchy Roll. What a genuinely sweet romantic comedy. When the Japanese get it right, they get it right! I wish there was some kissing in it but the two leads did a great job.

    Highly recommended if you're looking for something sweet. The first episode is available on youtube.

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  5. I actially really enjoyed that first episode and will be looking out for the rest when they’re up on YouTube.
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  6. I don't care if the thread is dead, sis we getting a sequel @Macsun


    This series also started airing and is apparently good (it's allegedly about what happened behind the scenes of the series 2 Moons):

    The production company is also doing apparently a 10-part LGBT release campaign for 2021:

    Their other project they've release as part of it so far:
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  7. Me changing the title to promote I Promised You The Moon and trick gays who were put off by the words "Boy Love" being in the title? I have the mind of a mastermind.

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  8. Hyuk of VIXX fame is going to be in Color Rush season 2!!!! Need to catch up on some BL dramas!

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  9. So I've just watched my first couple BL I needed THIS rabbit hole to fall into.
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  10. @Sanctuary
    Is there anyway this thread can be labeled (recognize-able/permanent)? I tried to find it to implore people to watch Semantic Error and I couldn’t find it through google search.

    —Edit I just realized most of the BL Dramas you’ve recommended are Thai. If it’s supposed to be solely for that maybe I can start a different thread?
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  11. dddd I changed it from the original BL-mentioning title worried that the name of the title would put people off if not familiar with the genre.

    I've amended it back.

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  12. Thank you sis!

    Now everyone, (five people on this thread) go watch SEMANTIC ERROR! It has taken over my life and is more or less the best BL drama ever released!!!

  13. Adding it to my watch list to start after I finish You Make Me Dance.
  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Haven’t watched it yet but the clips I saw on Twitter were iconique! Probably the best kissing scenes in Korean BLs as well! Here are gifs (1) (2) (that I won’t embed here because I don’t wanna get banned!) to support my claim. You’re welcome!
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  15. Yes with the amount of kissing scenes in the series I was genually GAGGED!

    The leads Seoham and Jaechan have some of the best chemistry I’ve seen between actors in a K-Drama, period!
    It’s such a magical beautiful love story. Enjoy unnies!!
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  16. For the girlies who are not new to this like me, is there a benefit to watching these as short episodes vs the put together final film? I’m actually enjoying the episodic nature simply because I’m often watching on the train on my morning commute and it gives me solid stop points, but then I’ve also heard tell that sometimes the movies are a bit longer / have more footage? Let a sis know!
  17. For some of the earlier series a few of them had small additional or extended scenes. Nothing drastic that influenced the story. If there is an option, the movie is the best way to go.
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  18. Oh I didn't know there was a thread for this here, yay! I got into BL last year because of I Told Sunset About You. That was a fantastic show. @Sanctuary what are your thoughts on season 2?

    I haven't watched much since then because "Sunset" does set the bar a bit too high but one I heavily enjoyed is Bad Buddy. It's a very cheesy, enemies to lovers BL but the main couple is so good and the series is a lot of fun. It's available on youtube. The first scenes with the fight are a mess but hang on, I promise it will be worth it!!

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  19. So, I am disappointed to say, that BL dramas have taken over my life and there is no turning back at this point.

    What I've devoured in the last two weeks:

    TharnType (and season 2 and the 2 special eps): (Thai) I mean, the amount of problematic shit going on in this series is insane and half of the characters deserve jail or a swift punch in the face, but I genuinely became obsessed with this show. This show is hot and also really emotional. Did I cry? Yes! Did I cry from my between me down theres? Also maybe!

    : (Korean) Gorgeous. Felt almost like a little indie film. Really sweet.

    You Make Me Dance: (Korean) The like loan shark meets debt-ee set up was a bit silly, but I liked the dynamic of the two leads a lot. I also like that they were both a little older. More of my "age group" fffff.

    Color Rush: (Korean) Love the concept, but the leads were kind of duds. Generally non-existent chemistry. I know one of them is replaced for season 2, so I may give it a chance, but I'm not pounding down the doors to watch it.

    Semantic Error: (Korean) Just finished it this morning. LOVED it. I didn't feel like I needed to suspend my disbelief with a bunch of dumb characters making a lot of dumb decisions just for the sake of drama. It felt "real." And the fact that both the leads were idols? And one of them was part of THIS legendary faggotry? We HAVE to stan on this one.

    KinnPorsche: (Thai) It's currently airing, so it's only 2 episodes in. Sexy, silly, and fun as hell. I know it's going to really heat up once ... well, things heat up.

    I've got a long watchlist building on my apps, but I'm trying to decide what to watch next. Any recs from the crowd?
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  20. Glad you enjoyed Semantic Error! It’s in my opinion the gold standard for Korean BL dramas and it’ll be hard to top because of various factors:
    • Stellar chemistry from the two leads
    • Great cast of secondary characters
    • Art/Music production and overall direction
    • Nice script
    Blueming came pretty close but didn’t have the undeniable chemistry and overall great cast. Plus I view it as a movie even though it’s set up as a show.

    I watched the first episode of KinnPorshe and I’m definitely intrigued. I usually can’t get into Thai BL dramas.
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