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BL Dramas + other LGBT media from Asia

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, May 10, 2020.

  1. Ok the 2 posts above me were all I needed to finally get Semantic Error going. I've also been hearing great things about KinnPorshe but I want to wait until it has more episodes out to start watching.

    If you want an easy and cheesy watch, definitely go for Bad Buddy. It's adorable. On the first minutes of the 1st episode there are some fight scenes that are... really stupid and awfully filmed ddd But they'll be over quickly and then only good things.

    And if you want something a bit more unique, with great acting, cinematography and soundtrack, go for I Told Sunset About You. It has a sort of indie movie vibe to the plot - even the posters:
    This has become quite the phenomenom in Thailand. They got a second season (Both seasons are like 6 episodes each, so it's still a quick watch) and the actors even had a livestream concert to perform music from the show.
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  2. As I expected the success of Semantic Error is causing the flood gates to open. New Korean campus romance Love Class out in May!

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  3. Not the furries invading BL now too.
  4. Only 2 episodes left in Semantic Error, It's soooo cute. One thing I found weird tho: why didn't they make a "big" scene for when Sang-woo stopped wearing caps in college? Felt like a missed opportunity since they made such a huge deal of him always wearing one.
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  5. There are key points like the hat and even more subtle references that are not addressed. But by watching the series repeatedly you figure why certain things occur or why a character perspective changes. The show is seriously better with repeat viewings. The director did such a great job with the series.
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  6. Ok so about Semantic Error. It's adorable and it looks super cool unlike some Thai BLs that aren't as polished. That being said, I did miss some of the ~warmth most thai ones have. That post-credits scene where Sang-woo let's his guard down and has some fun? I'd have liked more of that before the show ended.

    Wondering what to watch next. I've heard great things about Light On Me, Not Me and 2gether. Thoughts on any of these?
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  7. I would suggest Light On Me since I’ve seen it but if your dead set on a super affectionate drama you’re not going to find it there. Like Semantic Error I’m assuming both lead characters are on the spectrum. With Light On Me it’s more obvious, this is just my opinion though.

    I just finished the second episode of Plus and Minus and I’m loving it! It’s a Taiwanese BL drama and it’s totally giving me HiSTory / Addicted vibes. Nice chemistry between the leads.
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  8. Ooh good to know. I’m watching HIStory3: Trapped right now and LOVING it.
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  9. For anyone that enjoyed Semantic Error or loves lo-fi alterna-pop/jazzy instrumentals, the gorgeous official OST came out and I’m in my feelings. The Jo Seong Been tracks are especially good!

    This show keeps on giving!

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  10. First episode of Ocean Likes Me is out, starring Holland and Han Gi Chan from Where Your Eyes Linger. Holland has also released an OST for it. First episode was really light and sweet! I like where this could go.

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  11. Watched the first episode of KinnPorsche and I loved it! I kinda regret not waiting till it's over to start watching because I know the wait for new episodes will be excruciating.
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  12. Episodes 4 and 5 have been the best yet. It’s agony waiting weekly but I know I couldn’t hold off until the end.
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  13. The episode 4 final scene... this is not something they fucking made this is some professional shit!!! Obsessed with it. Can't believe I'll only be able to watch ep 5 tomorrow.
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  14. I’ve only watched two episodes. The thing that deters me from Thai BL is the padding with the secondary characters. I’m glad the show is moving along great. I love the two leads and want to see more scenes with them together.
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  15. Episode 6 - KinnPorsche
    I'm annoyed they had to be hijacked as they were having their conversation but it looks like next episode will be them lost in the forest so if that gives us lots of moments of them together I'm fine.
    I need something to binge while the new episode isn't here. Will TharnType quench my thirst? I don't mind problematic storylines.

    Also @boombazookajoe in retrospect, did you also feel it was a bit weird of them
    to give Kinn and Porsche their first sex scene while Porsche was drugged? He was conscient but like.. they could have gotten a lot of shit online for that ddd.
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  16. @Lately TharnType is extremely problematic and messy and the characters are insufferable but the chemistry between the two leads simply can’t be denied and I fucking loved the show regardless of all the mess. The love scenes are hot. If you like KP, have you watched HIStory3: Trapped?

    I haven’t read KinnPorsche but apparently their first scene in it is way worse/less consensual, so I actually appreciated that they made same changes to the way it was presented here, addressed Porsche’s concerns with it and had Kinn apologize in the end. Shows that the show creators wanted to stay as true to the source material as they could while showing care to the subject matter and not having it be so irredeemable of an act.

    As another aside, it’s been so funny to me the faction of fans on Twitter and Reddit sho are calling out Kinn for being this terrible guy but … are shipping Porsche with Vegas. Like, girls…
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  17. Screaming!!! I mean, Vegas is hot as fuck, but shipping them when all he does to Porsche is to mess up with Kinn? Worms on the brain.
    And it's nice to hear they made the scene more consensual, I had no idea about the source material.
    I'll try Tharntype and HIStory3, thank you!
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  18. Ok so these last few days I watched 2 BLs.
    Blueming: it was cute but it felt like it didn't have what it takes to successfully tackle all the subjects it wanted to. The leads were adorable.
    We Best Love S1: this was better! Enemies to lovers? Count me in. Let me watch season 2 to see if they'll ruin it now.
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  19. The 6th episode of KinnPorsche was the best yet?! I laughed, I cried, my jaw dropped — the other girls really aren’t doing it like KP.

    @Lately Blueming was the first one I watched so I thought it was really sweet and precious but I don’t know if I would hold it so fondly if I’d watched it after some of the others I’ve watched. Agreed that both leads were adorable.
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  20. Fuckkkk that was so pretty. An entire episode focused on them was just what this show needed. I hope from now on they start acting as a real couple because the whole kissing and running away thing is getting kinda tired- or I'm just too impatient and want to see them make it already ddd.
    But phew, their chemistry? The way Kinn was looking at Porsche sleep? I want to be a mob boss and fall in love with my bodyguard too.
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