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Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by swinginglondontown, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Having prematurely dismissed them as generic indie tripe, I now have their debut album on repeat and love it.

    I find it surprising that they haven't really been mentioned on here, despite being only a small sidestep away from Alphabeat.

    So, Black Kids are ace. Discuss.....
  2. I saw the vieo for their new song the other day (and i can't even remember what it's called) and the look and feel of song & video reminds me of Daft Punk's 'Digital Love'.
  3. The guy's voice is just plain awful.

    However I heard the new single in the background the other day and thought it sounded quite good.
  4. They have one good song. Well, it's one OK song. I wouldn't mind them as much as I did if they sounded as though they'd tried to actually make their album good, but to me it really sounds like they just wrote ten or however many songs and sent them to be mixed and mastered. No effort; no forethought; no quality.

    Thats all I think of when I hear the Black Kids. She did an amazing cover.
  6. I really like the new single. I've listened to the album a couple of times and it's just ok. I'm thinking it may be a grower though so I'll be giving it a few more tries!
  7. Is my Alphabeat comparison valid do you think.

    It does annoy me that even though they are musically similar

    a) The indie press rally against Alphabeat because they're not cool enough

    b) Pop lovers rally against Black Kids because they're trying too hard
  8. Love this band. Hadn't heard of them in Belgium, but came across their performance of Hurricane Jane on the Jonathan Ross show and totally fell in love with the song. Love the guy's voice, the lyrics and the interplay with the two female backing vocalists. Was surprised this stalled in the lower reached of the charts. Thought it was a top 10 guaranteed. The rest of the album is just as good. And it's not often you hear something good coming out Jacksonville, Florida...

    Don't quite get the Alphabeat comparisons, although I find they are both just as good as each other and my fave pop newcomers of the year.
  9. Just listened to this album today, its great, not indie crap at all. AMAZING POP. think a more lyrically depressive and less annoying Alphabeat, they've just been presented as indie but really they are pure pop.
  10. I like them quite a bit, but I tend to enjoy the remixes of their songs more than the originals. The Twelves remix of Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend is amazing.

    I read an interview with the lead singer saying that they probably won't go as 'pop' with their next album...
  11. Just downloaded that mix, great you are so right.

    I don't know why they are concerned about not going 'pop' next time around, especially as no one knows they went 'pop' first time around!
  12. I love this album! The first two singles are among my most played. I love Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) but I think they have better songs. They need to release Hit The Heartbrakes.
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