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Black Mirror

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by JadeFan, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Smithereens was quite enjoyable as a hostage drama but the episode hung on a stupid contrivance.

    That the sniper couldn't get a clean shot. He's alone in a car in the middle of a huge field! Just move a bit to the left or right so you're at the side of the car rather than front on!
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  2. Early classics like Fifteen Million Merits, History of You and Be Right Back are all probably perfect introductions to the series (though I personally think the latter is overrated).
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  3. I always kinda thought Nosedive’s ending was sorta light because she didn’t become a part of that system.

    She was essentially free from it.
  4. On A Roll needs releasing what a fucking bop.
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  5. I just watched Striking Vipers and Danny and Karl were clearly in love with each other but in denial, right?

    I'm surprised people are arguing about this online because of Danny almost sending the "...sorry x" like a boyfriend, and that scene implying they also have intimate, non-sexual moments in the game like Karl lying on Danny's lap, etc. You had them denying feeling anything about the real life kiss, but both were obviously lying.The hints felt pretty anvil-sized, but at the same time... not very impactful?

    There was a more interesting story in there about how the two of them yearned a kind of intimacy that they only found in each other and used technology to both live it out AND deny it, but like what was said, it felt weirdly underwritten.
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  6. We're gonna get what we deserve.

  8. Also, it's such a kii that a parody song for a TV show sounds WAY better than all of the stuff she had on her new EP.

    HEY I'M A HOE!
  9. I still can't get over how cute the little Ashley Too toy was. I want one.
  10. I just watched the Miley episode and it was such a missed opportunity to make a really dark episode about the pop industry. It was really good until the whole episode started focusing on the doll. What was the song Miley was singing by the piano in the beginning of the episode? It was really beautiful and I would love to hear a full version of it.
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  11. Get this on streaming services ASAP. Best song of the year tbh.
  12. I know it's not the lyrics but HEY I'M A HO!!!
  13. Release it on iTunes or streaming platforms now!

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  14. I need to stop stanning fictional pop stars. I need more!
  15. Will Ashley O release her own SHE IS COMING EP?

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  18. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    How did I miss that the Ashley O songs are reworked Nine Inch Nails tracks? Amazing.
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  19. I’m still shocked that On a Roll wasn’t some Sia track that had been written in 45 seconds.
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