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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by drewsky, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Matthew Tyler Musto (born 1990), known professionally as blackbear, is an American hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter and record producer.

    His most notable songwriting credit is on Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," but he's also worked with Mike Posner, G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen.

    He used to be your run of the mill singer-songwriter until that massive co-wrote and then he went towards R&B / hip-hop.

    His downtrodden and drugged out music has amassed millions of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify, despite not having a solo hit or any type of radio backing.

    He released two EPs in 2016 and an LP late 2015

    Drink Bleach

    Cashmere Noose

    I'm really surprised there isn't any type of major label support for him since he's proven he has the following and music to build something huge.
  2. I saw him open for Tinashe on the Joyride World Tour. He randomly brought out Mike Posner?
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  3. I think they have a collaborative project together named Mansionz
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  4. He put on a great show, although his four stans were standing in front of me and being a little extra. I love this remix, and also his feature on the new Sofi De La Torre track:
  5. Wasn't there some major label stuff going on around "Boyfriend"? Must have fallen through or whatever.
  6. He came out with a new album this week, digital druglord, and it is nonstop bop after bop after bop. It's a brief burst of sugar that is somehow super depressing, and that's my favorite type of music.

    Sonically, it's like Felix Snow and Sophie produced a JC Chazez record. My immediate reaction was to write it off as some trendy, white nonsense, but he really has grown exponentially since his debut. This album is super melodic, sometimes moody and sometimes big and poppy, with clean-ass production. 'moodz', 'if I could I would feel nothing', 'make daddy proud', and 'juicy sweatsuits' are my favorites!
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  7. 'wish u the best' pops off so hard, as does the rest of this damned album. He is crushing it lately, his tour is selling out pretty consistently thus far.

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  8. Didn’t know there was a Blackbear thread on PJ! I’ve been following him since the ‘idfc’ days and he’s grown so much as an artist. Since Deadroses his style has become poppier (and more EDM-influenced, so it makes sense ‘do re mi’ is one of his biggest recent songs), but he still has that moody vibe we all fell for. His collab project with Mike Posner, mansionz, is even poppier than digital druglord — if you’ aren’t familiar with them you should check out ‘Wicked’, it’s a total bop.
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  9. I actually prefer his more recent solo material way more than anything mansionz has done. 'Rich White Girls' (and its stellar video) is a bop too.

    His voice is excellent, and I love how there's a little bit of self aware irony in his writing.
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  10. Just realized I haven't posted since Drink Bleach, but Digital Druglord is A+

    More people on here need to get into him
  11. Have y'all heard the new banger that came out today "Up In This" by him and Tinashe?
  12. He's on fire. New single sounds so epic, wonder who produced it.
  13. I was introduced to blackbear because of Phoebe Ryan’s EP, and I’m now obsessed with him. do re mi is that bop - I’m going to take a proper listen to digital druglord and cybersex tomorrow. I have faith they’ll be great.
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