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Blackground Records 2.0

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. This felt like a big enough thing to warrant a thread. Barry Hankerson is relaunching Blackground Records, and all of the albums released under the label are going up on streaming and being reissued on physical media as well for the first time in over a decade. Of course, the biggest story within this story is Aaliyah's music.

  2. I truly didn't think something like this would ever happen. I'm obviously thrilled to finally have Aaliyah's discography and JoJo's BG albums on streaming, but also interested in the albums that may have passed me by completely over the years.

    EDIT: now I'm a bit less excited after reading the Haughton estate's statement...
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  3. So will JoJo still make coin from the Blackground versions of her albums?
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  5. Yeah, them seemingly not being involved or at the very least given notice is... not great. Barry seems sloppy. And I don't think JoJo or Aaliyah (via the estate) are the last people we're going to hear from.
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  6. There's this new artist by the name of Autumn Marini that they're apparently developing.

    Me @ Autumn Marini:

  7. I wonder why this is? Did she have some bizarre early 00s contract that excludes streaming royalties, or is the royalty rate on the old songs just pitiful compared to the re-records where she owns her masters? Or did Blackground do some creative accounting where a decade of recording costs for a third album needs to be recouped before she can earn royalties again?
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  8. Yeah if she doesn't get anything from the original recording, we still absolutely not be streaming. That would be wild
  9. Do you think we'll get Jumping Trains? Would JoJo have to sign of on it? Because I don't think she would unless she'd get the coin, which is completely understandable. But I still would love to hear that album, and from what we know, it was pretty much ready to go - they had shot the artwork, even made a documentary for the bonus DVD and wrote the Thank You's before it fell apart.
  10. RMK


    Definitely not happening. They've already received legal blowback from JoJo, and it would take a lot of effort on their part for, like, 200,000 Spotify streams. Plus, I believe there's only about two songs that haven't fully surfaced on the internet from the intended album.
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  11. The royalty rate being pitiful is probably the answer. Being the performer of those songs means she’ll probably get something from them but she didn’t write most of those songs and doesn’t own the masters. Artists usually get screwed in those situations and Barry is a menace so…

    She fully owns the 2018 versions and receives money for everything except songwriting/production when applicable. It’s good to have the originals available but it’s better for people to stick with the new ones.
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    Oh no.

  13. I think it really depends on JoJo's contract, which we know was shit. The Billboard article obviously focused on Aaliyah, but it did mention this when asked about royalties (in reference to Aaliyah). I assume this is the case with all the artists, but who knows because Barry is a snake.

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  14. I feel bad for loving Enough Said as much as I do, but her voice with that icy soundscape is pure heaven. I tend to tune out Drake's verse.

    Also, society has progressed past the need for Chris Brown. It feels super disrespectful to put him on a posthumous Aaliyah album to me
  15. There's also a streaming service of some kind in the works.

  16. It's giving ARTPOP app
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  17. That was literally my thought when I read "vinyl scratching tool" dd
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  18. I knew that man would never be able to resist the calls to upload Blackground's music to streaming one day. He probably finally got offered a deal that paid enough money.
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    Am I wrong for feeling like he's overestimating Blackground's pull? They have Aaliyah, and nothing else. JoJo is up and out.
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  20. I honestly don't like the re-recorded versions of Leave (Get Out) or Too Little Too Late, so I'll be happy to have the originals again. But I like the re-recorded Baby It's You more, so I'll still give those my streams as well.
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