Wait. What was the controversy regarding Jennie's nurse costume?
From the original article:
In the music video of “Lovesick Girls” released Thursday, Jennie is dressed as a nurse in red high heels and in a white nurse costume. Social media posts with hashtags such as #Stop_Sexualizing_Nurses and #nurse_is_profession started appearing on social media in protest. words. What on earth. She just sits there?
Oh, I thought that it was because it was perceived as a negative portrayal of mental health or something along those lines. I don't see how the portrayal was particularly sexualized—her dress is knee-length with a high neckline and as you pointed out, she's literally just sitting there.
I had the same thought too.

Maybe SM had the right idea when they deleted the Mr. Mr. video before it was even finished!
I mean the whole scene is unnecessarily silly, and offensive to people with mental health struggles at worst.
It is fetishizing mental health struggles as far as my opinion goes. As someone who has been constantly suffering from one or another form of mental illness, i can't help but cringe everytime i see a nurse / doctor / hospital setting in a glamorized mainstream video like this. Like i am not offended or anything, and i dont give a fuck if they did or did not remove that particular scene in the end, but that is more to me being desensitized to that concept rather than it being an alright thing to do.
I think it's fair to have concerns over the scene fetishising mental health issues, but to say it's problematic because it's "sexualising nurses" just reeks of misogyny to me. There's literally nothing sexual about the scene besides...Jennie having legs???

Oh yeah that is a mess, just to make myself clear.
The issue with that particular scene is way more nuanced than the "Cancel culture ruins everything" or "antis hating on Jennie as usual" takes I'm seeing from international Blinks and K-pop fans... Crucial cultural & political contexts are being overlooked here. I think this comment from the Omonatheydidnt post on the controversy explains it best.
I'm honestly really disappointed with how Blackpink fans handled this. The amount of people I've seen belittle this issue to fanwars and pressed knetz is insane.

People need to understand it didn't start with knetz, and it didn't blow up bc of fanwars either. Female Korean nurses and politicians are the ones who have voiced issues with this portrayal, feeling like it negatively affects how they're treated at work. It really isn't fair to act insensitive towards their experiences as victims, and attempt to speak over them or use examples of what nurses in other cultures wear to defend a Korean group and a Korean MV. And it's especially not fair to attack them for speaking up about what they feel is an important factor in why they're mistreated.

If Korean nurses feel like glamorized/sexual (or whatever you want to call it) portrayals influence how much sexual harassment they have to deal with, then it's not the place of any foreigner to try and argue against that. Recent studies show that close to 20% of Korean nurses experience sexual harassment at work, it's a serious issue for them. So please respect that and try to be understanding, even if you don't personally find the outift offensive.

Also please for goodness sake, don't be tone deaf to the current world situation and understand that the reason why Jennie's outfit has caused a much stronger outrage than any other nurse portrayal, is simply bc of the timing. Other groups like SNSD and Mamamoo also recieved some backlash for their glamorized portrayals of nurses, but unlike in those situation, we're currently living in a world where a global pandemic is wreaking havoc. Nurses are out there risking their lives, and are mentally and physically overworked as a result. And to add to that, nurses were revealed to be one of the primary victims in the recent Nth Room scandal which shook the nation. There was a whole chat room dedicated to nurse fetish. So it's an extra sensitive time for Korean nurses right now, and that's why the outrage is stronger that with previous cases. But it's something they've complained about a lot over the years.
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