Just a had a listen... I'm not a (K-Pop) fan or anything, I know a few songs like Kill This Love et all... But still decided to give 'em a stream.

Had a listen to The Album. OK. I see the appeal, it's all pretty basic I think? Is that pretty big in the genre or so? Or just now? Not sure how I'd compare it to more things I know or earlier stuff.

How You Like That is soooo weak though, ouch. Ice Cream too. I guess it's not for me. So that was a pretty bad start of The Album.
Moving on, the rest was pretty average.
But the Cardi track really lifted it all up. Wew. Love Sick Girls is fine too. Could it be better? Yes! But it's at least way better than what came before. And the final track is kinda cute too.
K-pop is not a genre.
Ice Cream has grown on me within the context of the rest of the album. I do have moments where I consider skipping it, but for their first week I’ll give them the extra album stream.

I’ve been having a moment with Love To Hate Me over the last day or so. I can’t get it out of my head. Same with the harmonies and cute backing vocals in Bet You Wanna.
Why make a claim like this when you haven’t listened to other k-pop groups?
I know we all wanna play coy, but the bottom line is that YG is using this album to introduce Blackpink to western markets—hence 3 out of 8 songs being at least 95% English—so how it sounds to non-kpop listeners is just as notable/worthwhile as how it sounds to people familiar with kpop.

YG is dancing a very delicate tightrope by trying to appeal to two vastly different music markets, and as whelming as I’m find the album, they seem to have pulled it off pretty successfully.


BTS, (G)I-DLE and Girls Generation.
Oh, that explains why you think all K-Pop albums are weak.

he / him
According to, THE ALBUM is my most played album over the last three months, which is bonkers because the album has only been out for a week.