Now it’s eight in the morning, hate in the morning” is the stuff basic gay thirst trap IG captions are made of.

Among the two tracks, I actually prefer Gone, even if we heard it before. There are some slight differences in the production that really made it stand out more. Her vocal delivery here is also so charismatic. There’s so much potential here for her to deliver her own tellusaboutyourself.

On The Ground is okay, but like I mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of the drop in the chorus kind of songs, even though I love How You Like That and Kill This Love (don’t @ me).

Now, on to the video! I’ve seen so many good screen caps from it online. These group members’ visuals are just otherworldly, I swear.

Slice of Life

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Yeah I really like this now. It’s just easy to listen to. I wonder if this what it’s like to enjoy Taylor Swift’s music.
Now why you gotta drag my two faves like that
The chorus is the most interesting part. The rest is Selena/Halsey-lite and not at all what I want for my BPG Rosé. I can’t see myself coming back to this very often. She looks stun in the video though.

Slice of Life

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Both songs in the top 10 of MelOn! I know that's right.

I don't think On The Ground will reach number 1 though since Rollin' has literally taken over Korea and has like 500k unique listeners. But getting to top 3 is a huge achievement already and I'm so proud of Miss Rosé.
Yeah, I've decided I love Gone and if they were interested in pushing a hit, this should've been the one. I couldn't even remember how the melody of On The Ground goes.