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YG sabotaging Rosé yet again? And they even had the audacity to say Rosé's solo album had 400k preorders..... then proceeds to not meet the demand?????????
And those are Chinese sales only ffffff. And she's not even the most popular BLACKPINK member in China. See when you do talentry, etc.

I fear for Lisa's solo numbers??

That said, are you all active on Twitter? I've been more active recently for Rose's debut, BTS Grammys and #FreeBritney and... the akgaes of Blackpink are a bit intense, aren't they?

From what I see, Lisa and Jisoo's fans have been sending trucks to YG to complain about exposure ddddd trending it on Twitter is one thing, but if I were the girls, I'd be lowkey embarrassed. Eventually, the girls would probably have to address it.