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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Slice of Life

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    They’re not gonna push it. We would’ve gotten shitty teasers by now if it was proper single FFFFFFF! Rumours say the music video won’t even feature the girls so I’m fully expecting a Zepeto type of video kii!
  2. This all seems very unnecessary for the biggest girl group in the world…
  3. Yes that's exactly why you don't see Viviz doing this shit!
  4. It does feel like a strange choice... but they could secure many bags without us getting new music out of it, so my thirsty ass can't be mad...ddd It's like their power is so strong they can release this tie-in without killing any anticipation for the single... and they know it. Queen shit tbh.
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  5. See, I knew they were playing games.
  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    FUCK U YG!!!!! FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!!!
  7. If it isn’t Ready for Love after all this, I won’t be happy.
  8. If they do, i hope it's a newer mix where Jisoo has even a single line.
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  9. So that's next week...
  10. At this point I won’t believe there is new BLACKPINK music out until it’s been a full 48 hours since it’s been released and I’m convinced I’m not just hearing things in a fever dream.
  11. It wasn't even the full song...

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  12. I hate the chorus so much.
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  13. I really like it. But fuck sake the slight chance of a new song only to be a teaser of a new song that isn’t even new. This isn’t normal!
  14. Well ... it's definitely a Blackpink song, I'll give it that.
  15. It sounds like what I imagine would happen if you had an AI make a Blackpink song…
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  16. I really wanna have a heart to heart with their management.
  17. Forever Young Part 2.
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  18. Really because I’d like to have a fist to face with their management.
  19. This... is part of their comeback?
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