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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

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  2. I'm hyped! November is shaping up to be a great month.

    Praying that their new songs have actual choruses.
  3. What was the actual longevity of Whistle and Boombayah in the Korean charts? It sort of seems like they each reached number 1 and then they just disappeared. I'm sure they were in the charts for at least a few weeks.

    I'm not overly familiar with the Korean music industry but it seems a bit odd to me that this November thing is being described as a comeback when they only just debuted. Odd.
  4. In K-Pop every new release from a group after their debut is referred to as a 'comeback'.
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    Whistle is still charting in the top 20 of Melon so... pretty damn long. It's going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Even Boombayah which flopped relative to Whistle is still holding in the top 100.


    (Thanks to Onehallyu people for their work)
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  6. Seems like Boombayah is more popular internationally and rightly so
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  7. OK well that's more longevity than I thought for those 2 singles. I can't wait to listen to the Square Two songs.
  8. New single is apparently called Playing With Fire.



  9. Their trashy Berlin video is coming.
  10. Honestly, Playing With Fire sounds like a JAM.
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  11. The music videos for Playing With Fire and Stay were released a couple of days ago.

    Playing With Fire is actual fire. I think it's so good!

    Stay is a nice little acoustic ballad. Not as instant for me, and it's a very YG move for the group that reminds me of Lonely.
  12. Square 2 is AMAZING! I love everything about these girls ! All 4 of them are so good but if I want to choose just one favourite ,that would be Rose ! Jisoo is the second .

    I also still listen to Square 1 and it's still fresh after playing so many times !
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  13. This is my ranking for their songs :

    1. Boombayah
    2. Playing With Fire
    3. Whistle
    4 Stay

    I don't know the dates of K-Pop music shows , so can someone tell me when they will perform the new songs ?
  14. I've read they're only promoting on Inkigayo and M Countdown (which is 1 more show than last time, an improvement I guess) so that's on Sunday and Thursday.
  15. They're going on Weekly Idol at some point as well, if anyone's interested in that.
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    YG already fucking over our girls like he did 2NE1.

    Like this isn't 2009 anymore. The market is oversaturated and there's way more competition these days. Being one of the big 3 can only take you so far now and his exclusivity strategy is going to end up hurting them. Just look at Winner. They only just debuted and they're over.

    He needs to let them promote. Even basic things like their own TV show, V app appearances, fan meets. Weekly Idol is a start but they need to book more variety shows so the GP knows who these girls are. Get Jisoo on a drama while you're at it. This group literally has all the potential, talent, and the right music behind them. The only missing piece is YG doing his job.
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  17. I've read about this improvement too ! People told me that Blackpink members stated that they want more shows ,so YG added the second one . But why YG is doing this ? Other acts usually go to more shows , not ?
  18. I get the feeling YG has beef with a lot of producers to be honest.

    Still, Blackpink TV is a possibility and hopefully they'll go on Sketchbook and be at the Mamas. Let us pray.
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  19. When you see the looks and personalities of Blackpink, part of me thought YG was starting to change in that sense. If they were SM or JYP, they'd be everywhere right now and the general public would warm to them a lot more.
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