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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. He


    Oh for as much shambles as their music output is, I’d love to see them live.
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  2. Wait!!! My man just gave me the green light to go into credit card debt over this! Dddddd... When do tour tix go on sale tho???
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  3. These are a bit slay!
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  4. I mean their teasers are usually super cheap so... This broken iPhone glass effect over the pictures is not surprising, the video will be amazing as usual I suspect.
  5. I just want to know the venue and when tickets go on sale
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  6. Has Lisa left and there’s 2 Jisoos because I don’t see her in those photos.
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  7. He


    Scream I also had to look at the photos and find Lisa by elimination.
  8. I was expecting a How You Like That level of poster but oh well. They look good as always.
  9. I don't think Lisa looks anything like Jisoo in that photo, but i do think you guys are right in that she doesn't quite look herself.
  10. Lisa for me has always been the one that transformed the most from look to look so I'm not completely taken aback.
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  11. She's just showing her forehead. It's quite rare for her to do it.
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  12. Not the vinyl having the stock date as 30 December.

    But yeah. Who needs money anyway?
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  13. How does the biggest K-pop girl group in the world consistently have such nothing-y artwork. There’s a difference between minimalism and just laziness. It’s always the bare minimum with YG.

  14. Jennie, mashallah sister, you are so modest
  15. What is a KiT? One of the formats this is being released in…
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  16. aux


    It’s essentially a square key that you connect to your phone using an aux lead, Bluetooth or NFC and using a specific app, it downloads the album (and a bunch of other things) to your device. It’s a hybrid of a digital album (since you get the album, the photobook, etc. on your phone) and a physical album (since you get a bunch of photocards and other physical collectibles). Some groups have even released concert films in this format. I’m not exactly sure how popular it is, but I know of people who buy them when they are made because they tend to have more photocards in comparison to the standard physical album and some people only care about those nn.

    Here’s an example of how they look and work:

  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    NWJSJSSHSJSJSJEJEJ meanwhile some people are coming for our holy sister,,,,,,
  18. Any news about ticket packages?
  19. He


    Are the venues even announced? I’d love to know prices.
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