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If there are no intros/outros/remixes/instrumentals we really WON FOR ONCE. (If true.)
They don’t do intros, outros and instrumentals so that’s out of the conversation. Remixes, however……….

Let’s keep praying, bestiana.
According to YG Entertainment, 'Pink Venom' is a hip-hop genre song with BLACKPINK's unique charisma. The sound of a traditional Korean instrument in harmony with the strong beat catches the ears from the intro, and the sharp rap and deadly vocals that are put on top of it maximize the charm of each of the four members.

In the drop part of the minimal beat that follows, the addictive melody of 'Pink Venom' digs into the heart. It was introduced that this will immediately expand the emotional line of the song and bring the listener to a musical climax, providing a thrilling pleasure.

When Pink Venom serves Whistle 2.0, and their title song serves Boomnayah 2.0. Maybe we won.
Also, it's pretty rude that 6 years into their career and this is only their eleventh music video as a group. How the f*ck did the higher highs at YG let this happen?