... they look great? I don't know it's not hitting at all for me. Even HYLT caught my ear.

The video itself is nice (Jisoo looks incredible!) but honestly they should have put more money in he studio, but it may just not be for me.
FUCK! The video is gorgeous! Jennie and Lisa are tearing it up and absolutely shining here. We love to see it! The song kind of feels like a mashup of Whistle and Kill This Love, the way it goes from minimal beats to hard horns and synths, if that makes any sense? I'm a happy blink.
I honestly feel like the chorus is a letdown? It’s an okay song, but feels like a retread, which isn’t the best move for a group that doesn’t release regularly.

Jennie was 100% a standout in this, though. That charisma and star power hopefully won’t get wasted.
I really like it. It’s far from their best, but it’s a fun mix of How You Like That and Ice Cream, and I enjoy the fun production twists throughout. Also, the “Black pink” chants are a serve that I wish made even more of an appearance.

The music video is just as expected: great choreo, lovely setups & stunning looks.

Again, nothing new here, but it’s a delight.
It's got the beats in that catchy ass chorus, the guitar riffs in Rose and Jisoo's bridge, the bp chants, Jennie and Lisa's death row records 90's production, the beginning with the gimbri(?) strings and then the end with the horns and kill this love-ish chants... So many layers! THE LAYERS! If you're not an instant, it's gonna be a grower! What's not to love?
I wish the outro was twice as long. It felt like it needed to repeat and be even louder and more aggressive in the production.

Otherwise, it’s a smash. It’s a BP single in the most obvious way and well … That’s what made me fall in love with them. Maybe if this had been released 4 months after HYLT the way most groups release music (YG trust you will still be dealt with!) I might feel like they are spinning their wheels a bit, but since it’s been ages, this ends up feeling more “It feels correct having BP back where they belong.” I love it.