He / Him
Might have to make a version of those with the girls together if that’s all we’re getting. The coverlandia of it all.
They really just had the girls sit on the floor of some cold garage for the teaser pics ddd.

Wait I just clocked the explicit sticker?? I'm shook.
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Almost 1k?! What does that offer, a lock or hair from the girls?

I hope I can bag some not terrible sitting tickets to get drunk with the besties and look at the screens, Kii.
So are the tickets not on sale yet? I'm a little confused as I look at the German ticketmaster and it says that they will be on Sale on September 16 but there's also Viagogo that sells them for absolutely monstrous prices.

Oh I guess we’re getting US promo instead of Inkigayo stages……. Hopefully they’ll grace more music shows next week though!! I’m still hurt that Pink Venom was only performed twice.

Maybe they've already pre-recorded their stage for Inkigayo? I just had a quick look on Youtube and the only other music show they've done in the last couple of years is Show Music Core.