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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

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    @Salami you’re doing a good job streaming, bestie!! ♡
  2. I like this album more than the previous one - some good progression and wider range on this one. It’s hard to pick a favorite but it will probably be a toss-up between Hard to Love and The Happiest Girl.
  3. Just rewatching and the first line made me laugh - “it’s not a comeback since we never left”. OK!
  4. The Happiest Girl is sublime, I wish they leaned into this more, they’re very good at it. The rest is mostly okay, I feel like Shut Down was hyped too much. Pink Venom was the right lead single. There’s a better song in Yeah Yeah Yeah somewhere, but the production lets it down.
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  5. blackpink of all groups saying this...
  6. Please stream Yeah Yeah Yeah so Jisoo can fund her solo project thanks to royalties.
  7. omg I forgot about Jisoo's solo? WTF is the holdup? We have planned an event.
  8. WAIT! The whole album is amazing AND there's a solo from my fave that's simply incredible!?!?!?!

    I'm shaking. like literally... i need to go calm down and lay horizontally.
    ok I'm back. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah for next single (if we get one). The production is simultaneous new for them but also feels familiar in a Lovesick Girls kinda way.

    The amount of explicit lyrics... we won.

    Typa Girl released my wiggle in the car on my commute and I almost hit a curb.

    HARD TO LOVE has me stunned and I have no eta for recovery.

    Shut Down is great but the video for Shut Down.. where do I even begin? The callbacks are fantastically done, the choreo and fashions are a serve as always. I just can't get over how stunning they all look. Like supermodels that can sing the roof off and dance like Britney or Janet. I don't know how they're real?

    I NEED a pink venom bandana stat! Speaking of.....did I see Lisa sporting some pink lipstick with little pink venom fangs painted on or are my eyes playing tricks?
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  9. Considering I'd bark for Jisoo, I haven't been able to play anything else but The Happiest Girl for the past 10 hours.
  10. I preferred The Album over this. I think this one may take a while to grow on me. Yeah Yeah Yeah and Hard to Love are the only instant tracks for me from this so far.
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  11. A slow Blackpink song being my favourite wasn’t something I expected but it really is the standout. Along with Shut Down which now makes sense to me.
  12. Not Natalia Noemi "Verbalicious" "Candy Rapper" "Natalia Kills" "Teddy" Sinclair (née Cappuccini) writing a Black Pink song.
  13. The only thing that’s left me cold here is Tally. Everything else is a wonderful inclusion to their painfully limited discography.
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  14. Welp nothing available for the general sale for the LA concert dates except resale & platinum seats, starting at $400 for the back row of the stadium. I just can’t justify it, as much as it pains me to say it.
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  15. If I had things my way, The Happiest Girl would have 100 PAKs and debuted at #1 and stayed there for weeks on every single charts in existence by now.

    Also is it only me or it's Jisoo doing the faded adlibs in the drop of Hard to Love? I swear I hear her signature tone everytime.
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  16. I got the pink edition from Target and ended up with:
    2 posters
    2 sticker sets
    large photo card: Jennie
    post card: Rose
    selfie photo: Jisoo
    polaroids: Rose + Jennie

    Could not be a happier blink right now! Born Pink 2.jpg
  17. Born Pink is surprisingly good and sonically different from their past releases; Teddy Sinclair stays winning with "The Happiest Girl"!

  18. A future hit, I fear.
  19. Jisoo killed me with her higher register on The Happiest Girl.

    Lead vocalist indeed.
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