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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. My personal list:
    8 Ready for love
    7 The Happiest Girl
    6 Typa Girl
    5 Shut Down
    4 Yeah Yeah Yeah
    3 Tally
    2 Pink Venom
    1 Hard To Love

    But I love them all. Even Ready For Love if just for Rose’s verses.
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Like, there’s just no way I’m gonna get that ticket for their concert now FFFFFFFF!! Maybe I’ll try for the Singapore concert instead.
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  3. I'm obsessed with Hard To Love! It's a bit annoying because I feel like they'd all sound fantastic on it, but Rosé snapped on her own. Her voice is so sweet, I can see her solo career going some interesting places!
  4. I used to not care so much for Jisoo's role in the band but good grace she's managed to sneak into my poor heart and become a STAPLER. Echoing that I can hear her doing the faded adlibs in the drop of Hard to Love.
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  5. Do we have any idea about uk chart positions so far for the album and tracks that could chart in the singles?
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  6. Yes the album is short but I really find it difficult to complain about anything here. I'm enjoying this collection much more than THE ALBUM so far anyway.
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  7. Love this album, for me I like every track where as with the last album I was only sold on about 5 until the others grew on

    Just noticed that both the album and single mention Pink in the title, and thought maybe there will be a Black album still to come? Especially since there were a couple of other songs that we know were recorded for the album, maybe they’ve been saved for something else?

    Also - is there a standard Born pink cd?
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  8. You'll find 5 version of the jewel case version on their UK shop.
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Eaux!! Shut Down finally defeated Pink Venom on MelOn FFFFFF!!

    Only After LIKE left to defeat now….. but I honestly wouldn’t hold my breath kii!! Maybe if Shut Down gets promoted in Korea, then it’s possible. So far, they only have one scheduled promo in Korea and that is an Inkigayo performance next Sunday.
  10. Is the reason they've abandoned promo in their home country that the album physical sales has already crossed a million mark?
  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    US huñtitas, y’all might catch the girls on your local Target FFFFFFF!!

    Seeing there’s a camera, I think we’re getting some sort of vlog. I’ll take it at this point kii!!
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  12. And it made me like the song even more just like with Pink Venom. I wonder if they'll put out a more classic "practice" video, too.
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I heard UK Blinks are focusing on the album more so let’s not expect Shut Down to do as well as Pink Venom did. So y’all better stream, besties!!
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  14. It is a shame that "Shut Down" was released at the same time as the album. It would've been great to let "Shut Down" smash for a week before dropping the album, but I guess that that's not how it works in K-Pop and the album has to come out as the same time as the title track.
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  15. I’ve been playing this album all weekend and what a triumph! Everything on it just clicks for me. Sorry for the die hard fans having to wait so long between releases. Glad that they’re decimating the charts around the world.
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  16. Tally finally has clicked for me. I can now go to sleep peacefully knowing that I love this album in its entirety.
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  17. Typa Girl is giving Crazy Over You levels of smash to me. Even though it's the typa track where my focus should be on Jennie/Lisa, I'm completely obsessed with the Jisoo Christ bits. Something in her delivery just eats it for me. I need a dance practice video for this one.
  18. The last 30 seconds of Yeah Yeah Yeah and hearing Jisoo saying fuck and shit on Tally always sends me. Tally was always instant for me.
  19. After showcasing her vocal versatility on this album, I can't wait for Jisoo's solo full lenght album.
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