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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. They're selling a "signed" digital copy in their US store for $4.99. Already own it in two formats but let me buy this real quick anyway. Coming for that #1
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  2. The album is $3.99 on iTunes too. 10 hours left to close the week's chart methinks.
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  3. Kind of a random thing to say, but I love Jennie's signature.
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  4. I dismissed Pink Venom first and didn't expect anything from the album. Then I saw Tinashe dancing to Pink Venom and suddenly I laminated my stan card and love it all. Thanks Ti.
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  5. The funny thing is Tinashe didn't even know it was Blackpink's dance. She tagged some friends of hers who'd danced to it thinking it was hers. Her response to that friend on her tiktok is pretty funny.
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  6. Impulse bought the grey Target edition earlier today. Who needs a savings account anyway? ...dddd.
    (Happy that everything was different from the pink version)
    2 posters
    2 new sticker sets
    large photo card: Rose
    post card: Jennie
    selfie photo: Jennie
    polaroids: Jisoo + Jennie
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  7. Is YG for real? It's been one week since the album release and still no news about my order. I have contacted them a few times but still nothing. This is like the worst pre-order ever for me.
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  8. aux


    I actually think this album is a lot more dynamic than THE ALBUM and with that in mind, I think it's better. BORN PINK seems to let the girls steer away from The BLACKPINK Formula™ that has been analysed to death and actually explores some great sounds for them.

    "Shut Down" is up there as one of my favourite tracks they've done. "Pink Venom", I guess, is one of the few songs that follows that familiar sound, but "Shut Down" is infinitely more subdued than their bombastic sound we've grown accustomed too. It actually reminded me of "Whistle" and "Boombayah" another set of singles that really play off each other. "Whistle" being the unexpectedly subdued song and "Boombayah" being the BLACKPINK banger. That aside, both "Pink Venom" and "Shut Down" are brilliant. The sample use in "Shut Down" is perfect, it's not overbearing in the slightest and doesn't feel like an afterthought.

    The b-sides are all pretty good as well, "Hard To Love" being one of my favourites, but that mostly comes from being a Rosé bias. "The Happiest Girl" is easily their best ballad, not that there's many to choose from, but still. "Ready For Love" is what it is, I'm just glad the song is finally out there officially. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" is excellent, exactly the gay catnip that I expect them to have in each one of their releases. I think the only two songs I'm not wild about are "Tally" and "Typa Girl", but the latter is already growing on me.

    Honestly, I just wish they released music more often. They have already established that the girls can release solo releases, so you could easily make the wait less agonising between releases with more solo comebacks (or debut in the case of Jisoo). It's wild to think that excluding Japanese versions and including collaborations and the solos they have less than forty songs.
  9. They have the same number of songs that are there in Taylor's version of Red.

    The absurdity.
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  10. I got the mail yesterday that they shipped my copies and that I have a tracking number but the number is nowhere to be found in the mail. And when I go to YG Select it says “preparing shipment”.
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  11. Slice of Life

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  12. I fear my only complaint this era will be only getting two music videos when we got three for THE ALBUM.

    *Manifesting they prove me wrong by releasing a video for Yeah Yeah Yeah and a dance practice for Typa Girl.* And a Born Pink tour video of Happiest Girl. I know it's all a pipe dream just let me live in my fantasy. Thank you.
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    YOU DID IT, @Salami BESTIE!!!!!
  14. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it.
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  15. Legend behaviour methinks.
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  16. BORN PINK debuts at No. 2 in Australia, while "SHUT DOWN" debuts at No. 5.

  17. This is all even sweeter when you think how the ARMY must be seething right now.
  18. "SHUT DOWN" debuted at No. 24 on the UK Singles Chart, while "PINK VENOM" climbs back up to No. 38 and "TYPA GIRL" manages to make the Top 100, debuting at No. 93.

    Their highest peaking single remains "SOUR CANDY" (No. 17) and their highest peaking solo single remains "HOW YOU LIKE THAT" (No. 20).
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