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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. He


    Shut Down being so average has made me like Pink Venom a lot. Their minds…
  2. Is it too soon to pop the champagne?
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  3. So hmm... is all the promo for the title/album going to be that one Jimmy Kimmel performance?
    Be serious, @YG!
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Here’s the promo for this week, bestie FFFFFFFFF!!
  5. If they do get the #1, I hope they make a reaction video to it. They’re going to cry for sure.

    Knowing YG, they will probably make a digital artcard for Instagram.
  6. I still cackle at them bagging the #1 (knock on wood) with just a TV performance on a show nobody cares to watch and a trip to Target.

    Maybe YG made several points pushing them to clock in overtime hours signing those digipaks.

    And mess @ only one stage in Korea.
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  7. I guess speaking things into existence does work! That was a lovely performance, way better than the Jimmy Kimmel one.
  8. He


    That’s major! The sales projections were quite off.

    Props to Jisoo and Jennie.
  9. When will we know if the girls have renewed their contracts with YG?
  10. Should be a while. Twice's is up this fall and it was only reported last month that they all renewed. Blackpink's isn't expiring until next August.
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  11. Mess @ them posting about Dolby Atmos and their brands. Do they know they have just made history?
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  12. Wow that's amazing. Carrying on 2ne1's legacy.
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  13. The way I'm obsesed with Shut Down, whew. That dance performance video has never left my head since release.

    The one thing about these last couple singles is that, since they're so hip-hop oriented, Jennie and Lisa are the clear stars of both. Maybe that's why they ended up giving Rosé a solo?
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  14. You would think a label that is always quick to brag about YT views via exclusive posters on social media would be the first to post about their act's #1 on the official charts of two of the largest markets once the numbers are confirmed but I guess not.

    I wholeheartedly hope none of the girls renews their contract.
  15. The only one I’m worried about not re-signing is Rosé, personally.
  16. Making one of my periodic trips to the K-pop subforum to say that I bought BORN PINK because it was discounted on Amazon and I like it! I wasn't super bowled over by the one clip I heard of Pink Venom but it slaps in full, and overall I feel like this record is a lot more consistent than THE ALBUM
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  17. I will say, I'm so ecstatic and proud to see them nab the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The first ever female KPop act to reach that feat, as well as the first girl group since Danity Kane in 2008? That's history.

    Am also curious how many female Asian acts have ever hit this peak, as I sadly imagine it's a relatively short list.
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  18. I have never seen an act more oblivious to actually having reached #1 on the US and UK's album charts. Pretty disappointed to see the radio silence from them in terms of celebrations, if you ask me.
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