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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I love Blackpink and the album, but i'm glad i didn't spend rent money on a ticket after seeing all the videos.
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  2. Ok, Jennie, go off a bit!
  3. She read these comments!
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  4. tea


    This is so shameless ff
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  5. What did it say? I can't see it anymore
  6. It was this TikTok with the caption "jennie ruby jane, oh my god." The tweet is still available though, so it's weird that you can't see it.
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  7. Slice of Life

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    We love Korea’s National Album Track!!
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  8. Slice of Life

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    Possibly her best look? I’m obsessed!!
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  9. Its working now actually. Wow she slayed this part.
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  10. Lisa is probably Lisa Simpson's bias, tbh.
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  11. They put on a great show today in LA. My first time seeing them live and it was amazing!!!! I love that they seem so happy to be on stage just like girlfriends having a good time but also slaying.

    The remixes they use for the interludes are SICK!!!!! Hopefully they get released eventually with the tour audio.

    Don’t have tickets for tomorrow but hopefully going back for round 2!
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  12. I was also at the LA show last night and had the best time. 90 minutes of non-stop boppage and the energy never let up for me. I found it near impossible to find the fun and joy in nearly every second of these 110 minutes. It’s a bit crazy they’re now at a place that they can omit hits like Boombayah and Playing With Fire, but I guess that’s just the reality of the situation. I still find the vitriol they’re getting for their ‘low energy’/‘laziness’ on social media odd when I have seen most of the BPGs in the main forum that don’t put on a show half as entertaining as this one, but considering how much I enjoyed myself, I honestly couldn’t care less what others think.
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  13. It’s also amazing (but not surprising) that they managed to sell out both nights at a stadium in LA. There was so many people still looking for tickets today and yesterday and I found it shocking that no more seats were released on the day of the concert or in the past few days like I’ve seen for pretty much every other artist out there.
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  14. Yeah, I ended up having to buy a resale ticket day of (that thankfully was cheaper than any ticket I’ve seen since they first went on sale), and even their label/reps weren’t giving out press tickets for this.
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  15. Wild that the girls only have 1 (?!) remix to their name.
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  16. I saw them on Thursday at the O2 and thought they were brilliant. I was definitely hesitant about attending after seeing some of those early videos, but whatever was going on then has definitely been ironed out. They put on a fantastic show!

    We had a really good crowd too and that helped. You could tell the ladies were feeding off that. I liked the live band on the songs, and the dancing was on point, some of the best I've seen from them. It was also great to see them have a decent amount of backing dancers as well.

    The setlist was good, and it made me love a lot of their songs that I'd not really liked before - Stay and Lalisa were definitely helped by seeing them live. I wish they could have performed Boombayah, but I've had the impression before that they don't really like it.

    For a moment I didn't think we'd get an encore, but then they came out and we got almost 20 minutes - you could tell they didn't want the show to be over. They also had some great interactions with the crowd. And at one point Jennie saw somebody being pushed against the railings, so at the end of the song she asked the crowd to step back and that she wouldn't continue until they did. It's sad the crowd were doing that, but good on them for standing their ground like that.

    Overall a great show and I really can't wait to see them again!
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  17. They don’t do Boombayah? Isn’t that one of their most known songs?
  18. It is unfortunate that you attended a show where they excluded "Boombayah" because they apparently have played it at some shows during this tour during the encore.
    "Boombayah" is one of their lesser hits and is a relative flop in comparison to the rest of their discography, only peaking at No. 7 on the Gaon Digital Charts. The only singles that performed not as well as "Boombayah" are "Ice Cream" (No. 8) and "Stay" (No. 10).
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