There are lots of rumors that they are doing shows in Mexico in late April and should be announced very very soon (probably along with other Latin American dates).
Am I the only one who thought the live instruments were kind of messy???? They seem offbeat most of the time to me.

Daniel was amazing on Shut Down.

Pink Venom was a bit all over the place. But with the crazy French audience, it's hard to make out the instrumentation and the vocals at times!
This hasn't been confirmed but apparently ticket prices for Mexico go from 50 to 1800 USD. It will probably sell out no matter what but that's A LOT.

Picture this.

It's approaching the end of Rihanna's Halftime Show set.

She's already performed Only Girl in the World, SOS, Umbrella, Please Don't Stop the Music.

The instrumental for Pon De Replay comes blaring throughout the stadium. Rihanna steps out onto the stage and utters the iconic lyrics, "It goes one-by-one, even two-by-two." Suddenly, the music stops. The stadium plunges into darkness. But still, we keep hearing, "It goes one-by-one, even two-by-two." It repeats several more times, but in those echoes, the lyrics have subtly shifted to, "One-by-one, then two-by-two." And subtly, the person saying those words has changed.

A figure slowly rises from the stadium floor. It's Lisa. Then Jisoo, followed by Rosé, and finally by Jennie. Imagine 2NE1's reunion moment at the MAMAs but at the freaking Halftime Show:


Then Rihanna hops back on stage, the music shifts to Pink Venom, and she does the full "this that pink venom, this that pink venom (get 'em, get 'em, get 'em)" choreography with BLACKPINK.

The end.

Bookmark me. For being wrong.
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The way I didn’t remember Jennie was in a Grimes MV, of all people. How did that happen? I feel the girls don’t get out of bed if it’s not a big fashion brand or gig.