If we are considering official singles, Jennie undoubtedly has the best one. On The Ground's drop is bad and Lalisa is awful. But Money and Gone are fantastic.
Considering all songs:
Solo = Money > Hard To Love > Gone > On The Ground >>>> Lalisa
he / him
Honestly, the best solo track is the one Jennie has been performing on this latest tour that I'm sure will never see the light of day in studio form.
As excited as I am for Jisoo's solo debut, I'm more perched for Jennie's "You & Me" and I need them to at least drop a release date.
Right now if I had to pick a favorite solo, it would probably be Hard To Love, but probably only because it's recent. Maybe my stan goggles are on too tight but I enjoy all their solo outputs. I use them all. Lalisa may not be that original but it's still a banger and I love On The Ground and think the drop actually suits the song perfectly in the same vein of Don't Know What To Do.
I wonder if by album they mean it is at least 2 tracks like LaLisa and R?
I hope so. Poor Jennie would be the only one with one track, hope she releases You & Me soon.
Jennie did what she had to do considering she was facing tons of unfair favoritism comments from the group's fans. But in her case, less was more. SOLO was impactful.