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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Their first variety show

  2. Isn't there any English subtitle for their Weekly Idol show?
  3. Uploaded today:

    Never seen such a quick turnaround for subs.
  4. I just watched it ! I really love their personalities and I didn't know that Jennie is so shy ! Also I laughed so much at their dance for refrigerator and Computer :D
  5. Is it just me or do all four of them talk like Park Bom? They're going to appear in my nightmares one day, I swear to god.
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  6. If we are comparing them to 2ne1 members , then Jisoo is definitely San Dara !
  7. I don't think there's anyone that can sing like Bom though. At the moment aren't they basically 3 Minzys and a Dara? Come to think of it, who's the leader? I still need to watch Weekly Idol so forgive me if this is revealed during the show.

  8. There is no leader I think and they didn't say something about on it Weekly Idol ! I just say Jisoo looks like Dara for her face , but if we are talking about personalities , they are so different with 2ne1! I always love 2ne1 musically but don't get their chemistry or personalities ! But these girls are really likable for me !
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  9. To me they seem like the polar opposite to 2NE1 in terms of likeability. All 4 members have an approachable quality about them even when we don't know a lot about them. I can't say the same about 2NE1.
  10. I think the tone was set quite early with 2NE1 because it's clear CL is the leader and she looks and gives a fierce vibe / resting bitch face.

    Blackpink seems more collaborative and I think that helps with their likeability a lot.
  11. If we're talking image/styling, I'm going to be eternally disappointed that the Playing With Fire teasers had nothing to do with the actual video.
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  12. I love that you're saying that.
    I guess, that Jennie is the CL, Lisa the Minzy, Rosé the Bom and Jisoo…
    But yeah, they're very different in terms of personality (they did not get many opportunities to express themselves though).
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  13. Thanks God.
  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Just watched the Weekly Idol episode. I swear to God some people are so hard to please. I actually thought they were genuinely funny. A little awkward, sure, but that's because that was their first time. Jisoo and Rose could be variety stars but only if YG pushed that image for them. Jisoo was so random and IDGAF. She's like a tamer Bom in that sense. And Rose has this girl next door image to her which is really cute. I died when they did that 'speaking as if you're trapped in a box' thing. That was everything.

    As for the 2NE1 drags, since this isn't their thread, I'll just keep this cute. If you never watched 2NE1 TV, it's easy to mistake them as these bitchy girls who don't hang out with the lessers which is quite true in a sense. They mostly stick to themselves which makes them not approachable. But watch them on 2NE1 TV and you'll really see their true weird beings. Bom is just a riot and Dara is, well, a little too hyper but I liked that she exerted the most effort when it comes to smoothing the rough image of 2NE1. CL looks really unapproachable but I guess that's just her persona. She was rather super chill during the first season of 2NE1 TV but she became notoriously private as the show went by which is sad. And Minzy is the one that didn't make an impact to me. Kii.
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  15. I'm obsessed with these girls, I've never been into K-Pop other than CL and discovering Hello Bitches about a year ago and getting into Fire because of it. I can't decide which of the 4 girls is my fave or what song is my fave I just love it all.
  16. What are you guys thinking about their performances ? Are they singing live ?
  17. They're not live.
    (apart from the tragic one - partly)
    But I'm not blaming them. They have good pre-recorded vocals and work well with them. It's not a Britney case. (I didn't want to name her).

    I'm glad YG finally hired some dancers. Oh my god, the performance of 'Playing with Fire' blew me away.
    Whistle was boring until the dancers came. It almost was only close-ups because the stage looked empty.
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  18. No I didn't think they were singing live, but it's basically their non-autotuned studio vocals with an echo / live effect applied. This is the sort of thing we all know Britney should be doing but doesn't.

    Some of the shots used for the performance were weird. Like, when a closer shot was required to showcase a particular piece of choreography they were either super wide shots or overhead.
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    BLACKPINK for Nylon Japan.


  20. I wish Jisoo wasn't in this group. What does she bring?
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