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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Well you could argue she's the only one born, bred & raised in South Korea if that counts (in the eyes of the Korean General Public of course).

    Actually, genuine question, has there ever been a successful / popular group in Korea consisting of only Korean diaspora/internationals?
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  2. YG said that these girls naturally bonded as trainees and often did their monthly assessments together.

    I think chemistry is super important for any group, but especially for a girl group to last. If Jisoo is perhaps less skilled but has better chemistry then that's probably why she's in the group. Also, she's born and raised in South Korea. They certainly come across as more Little Mix than Fifth Harmony with how they seem to get along.
  3. Slice of Life

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    She's a decent singer, a decent dancer (fight me), she was already famous before even debuting so she brought fans in with her, she has a 4D personality which translates well in variety shows.

    For a visual member, she's actually rather useful.
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  4. I saw this on the Weekly Idol show and have been wondering what this even means!?!
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    Four dimensional. The way I understand it, it's just the K-pop way of saying that a member is weirdly endearing because of the way they behave, talk, etc. In K-pop, having just a semblance of personality is already a thing to be celebrated.
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  6. Aside from Jisoo's voice sounding like a better version of Ellin from Crayon Pope's (not that it's hard) I don't see any real weaknesses anymore. She no longer seems like that black hole we saw in the first dance practice video, which makes her better than a hell of a lot of idols already out there.
  7. Jisoo is my least favorite but can't imagine the group without her.
  8. I really want to love Blackpink, but I feel like the downfall of 2NE1 will forever taint how I feel about them.
  9. Blame this on YG which is fair , and then you can love them easily !
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  10. I just wish I could support them without inadvertently supporting him.
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  11. I try and separate the two because it's not the girls in Blackpink's fault for 2NE1's issues. At the same time, one of those issues came about because of how YG manages his groups and the long gaps between comebacks.

    It's a little concerning given what's already happening with Blackpink. They've done a limited number of performances and other promo for Squares One and Two and the girls themselves are still not even aware of their level of popularity yet. There's allegedly an album ready to be released that originally depended on Square One's performance, and who knows what's happening with that after Square Two. I have my fingers crossed that Blackpink's more team-based nature is able to help steer them towards the success they've been training for all these years.
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    BLACKPINK finally won their *first* trophy for Playing With Fire...only because Twice is not nominated. Kii.

    Also, I *love* that BLACKPINK and Twice members seem like really good friends especially Jennie and Nayeon.

    Oh, here is the performance:

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    Kween Lisa, Face of NONA9ON even before debut, is back with another promotional video.

    Just ignore Bobby.
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  14. You seem to have hit the nail on the head:
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  15. I love this analogy and would like to borrow it for future use.
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    BLACKPINK won their second Inkigayo trophy for Playing With Fire today. Lisa and Rose, the two maknaes, just cried their hearts out. Aww.

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  17. That's cute.

    So, I saw it mentioned last week that Blackpink only won because TT wasn't eligible anymore. Why is that?
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    I was only half-kidding. Kii.

    Basically, in most Korean weekly music shows, a song is only allowed to win a maximum of three times. So because Twice already won 3 times for their song TT, they can no longer win for it. Winning thrice on a music show for the same song, or what we call Triple Crown, is an extremely rare instance so it is rather special to achieve such success.

    Music Bank, I believe, is the only weekly music show where an artist could win multiple times with one song. That is why Twice is still winning there. They just won their fifth straight trophy this week.
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    Goodbye stage already for Playing With Fire.

    Enjoy the YG dungeon, girls. I'm sure you missed it so much. Kii.
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  20. I want a full album from them.
    They really fulfilled the contract and delivered.
    I can do with 8 other basic bops, they don't need to evolve right now.
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