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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The_Rani, Jun 11, 2022.

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    I couldn't find a thread on 70's British sci-fi classic, Blake's 7. As it is being repeated on Forces TV (in the UK) I thought it was about time. Whenever it's on I can't resist watching, even though I have the DVDs. What a show! Favourite episodes: Rumours of Death, Gambit!!!, and Terminal...


    Any other fans...?
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  2. I loved it at the time. Haven’t seen it since, other than clips.

    Shame they couldn’t convince the actor playing Blake to stay longer. They must have regretted naming the show after the character.

    Servalan was iconic.
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  3. Never imagined I'd see a Blake's 7 thread on here. One of my favourite sci-fi shows for sure, the dialogue was often just brilliant and Avon is without doubt one of the greatest genre characters of all time. I was hoping for some kind of reboot after the success of Battlestar Galactica but it never seemed to go anywhere despite the early talks.
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  4. Blake's 7 is absolutely bloody fabulous. Those first episodes are so dark, and then, it's a camp romp.
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  5. terminal-02.jpg I even like series 4 even though it isn't quite as good.

    Also, no thread is complete without MAXIMUM POWER
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  6. Season One is definitely the best season, even though Avon is better as the lead. When they started camping it up with more and more aliens in Season Three and Four it lost a little of its edge. And yes...

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  7. Season 3 is my favourite but it did get very OTT. This video always makes me chuckle...

  8. There is still some great stuff in Season Three, that episode with Anna Grant being one of them. It just started leaning more into aliens than humans facing Federation tyranny. I know Jacqueline Pierce was very hard on Season Four but even that isn't remotely awful.
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  9. Just read than Forces TV which has been showing these repeats is closing down at the end of June. What a shame.
  10. Season 1 is a gritty drama about a privileged rebel teaming up with a bunch of criminals to strike back against an oppressive sytem. Season 2 has a much bigger scale and is less gritty, and has a galactic invasion done on the super cheap. Seasons 3 and 4 - without Blake, it's more "Avon and Vila fly around the galaxy with their criminal friends" before a massive finale. Very few TV shows can match that.
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