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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 25, 2018.

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    To the non-Eurovision followers Blanche represented her home country of Belgium in the 2017 contest with the excellent City Lights which finished in 4th place:

    Now, a year later, she's released what will hopefully be the first single from an upcoming album. Wrong Turn was co-produced by Chairlift's (R.I.P.) Patrick Wimberly:

    Get into it!

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  2. Queen.
  3. Lemme save this thread from the 2nd page by posting a couple of live performances of the song that Blanche has done on Belgian TV and radio over the past week:

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  4. City Lights still knocks me out. She's got the potential for big things.
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  5. I need this album. I'm happy to see her confidence grow since last year, she seems a lot more comfortable.
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  6. Not to go all Charli XCX thread, but live videos from her recent gig at Botanique in Brussels sound very promising, especially a song called Empires:

    Also she's got a bunch of live gigs around Europe in the late November/early December period so we might be looking at a Q4 album release?

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  7. Music video for Wrong Turn coming tomorrow:
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  8. My anxious queen <3
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  9. Really loving Wrong Turn and it's video. City Lights was the true winner of Eurovison 2017 and I'm excited for an album from Blanche.
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  10. New single coming Friday called Soon.


    Something in the music world with a cursed title like Soon actually having a definite release date?
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  11. Perched for Soon, MKS found hiding their heads in shame.
  12. Soon is one of the best songs of 2018.
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  13. Soon is beautiful, all singles have been brilliant. Can't wait for this record.
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  14. Soon is lovely. I hope an album is coming out.
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  15. New single Moment is out next Friday:


  16. Video should also be out later today. Announce the album queen.
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