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Blancmange The UK Singles 1980-1986 NUMBER 1= REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Time for a new vote. What is your favourite Blancmange single from the 80s? Come and join me next week as I look at all the contenders
    Onto the rules of the vote. You may vote in half points.You shall also have the chance to vote for 1 12 point and 1 11 point track of your choice. The vote is now open and shall run until 31st March.
    Videos below are in the order of release date, Listen to them all and then decide which tracks are worth high praise and which are not
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  2. Count me in for this short and sweet rating!
  3. Ooooh!!!!!!!
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  4. One day change for the start. Of course we are going to need at least 3 more to make the vote viable.
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  5. One day, one time?
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  6. Don't tell me we might need to cancel this rate?
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  7. I hope not. I am down with the flu at the moment so that date may slip back a couple of days if I am not feeling any better tomorrow.
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  8. No worries. Get well soon.
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  9. @simes1970 ManFlu is a serious business - please go straight to bed, have plenty of liquids (cranberry juice) and boxes and boxes of chocolates - they must be your favourite type! Oh, and your partner MUST pamper you until you're better! Get well soon
  10. Hopefully get this rate up and running by next week. But to get you ready and in the mood, here are all the tracks eligible for the vote.

    Disco A Bomb-Bomb

    Holiday Camp

    Overspreading Art Genius

  11. Concentration Baby

    Just Another Spectre

    Modichy In Aneration
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  12. God's Kitchen

    I've Seen The Word

    Feel Me

  13. Living On The Ceiling


    Blind Vision
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  14. That's Love, That It Is

    Don't Tell Me

    Day Before You Came

  15. What's Your Problem

    Lose Your Love

    I Can See It
  16. Next up I shall look at the chart runs of the tracks that charted and we can discuss each track as it comes up. Enjoy listening back to some of the lesser known Blancmange tracks.
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  17. "Waves" still sound slick Ultravox - Vienna Part two!
  18. This was the inspiration behind the title of my homemade 4CD Blancmange collection, "Angles Sinthology".
  19. [​IMG]
    God's Kitchen-I've Seen The Word Entered Chart 17-04-82 65-65 Highest Chart position 65.

    The first track to enter the chart for Blancmange arrived in April 1982. God's Kitchen/ I've Seen The Word. Totally different sound to the 1980 release this saw the band experiment more with both synth sounds and a little hint of the eastern influence that was to come. Personally of the 2 tracks I prefer I've Seen The Word, I have always preferred the melancholy synth pop. Chart Position for both it's weeks on the chart was 65.
  20. [​IMG]
    Feel Me Entered Chart 31-07-82 55-46-47-52-74 Peak 46 Weeks On Chart 5
    Second charting track Feel Me although not making the Top 40 did spend 5 weeks on the chart peaking at 46. A grower more than anything for me. I still go between liking and not liking this track.
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