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Blancmange The UK Singles 1980-1986 NUMBER 1= REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. What's Up? Feeling the pressure?
    This is a superb piece of synth pop that deserved a much better chart placing than it did.

    Score 39.5 Average 7.9 Highest Score 10 (Simes1970) Lowest Score 5 (Filippa)
    Comments Include
    "The big question is in the title – peaking at only Number 40 in the charts??? Everyone was too interested in Madonna at the time – shame!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Quite nice" (Filippa)
    "It's enjoyable and coasts nicely along, but that's all it does, really... I get the feeling it wants to go somewhere, but never does in the end." (Remorque)
    What's Your Problem leaves the rate at number 10.
  2. Once again @Remorque nails it....when I listened to the album yesterday, I got this feeling about Whats Your a lead fact, as a single of any's just missing that extra something. I love it, there are so many great things going on in the track, the lyrics, Neil's vocals are superb...but, especially in the mad(onna) summer of 1985, it was just too flat to really do well (other than on my charts, where it hit #2 in no time).
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  3. If you look up "meandering" in the dictionary, there´s a pic of this single. I have actually listened to the extended mix for the first time right now, and I was barely able to sit through the whole thing.
    I remember being extremely let down when it came out. It signalled the end of their magic touch.
    And know exactly what my problem is: That milktoast accordeon sound!
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  4. @TrendyMüller - note your avatar inspired by "The kids in the hall" - Kevin MacDonald - it was all in his voice!
  5. It´s the (friday) morning they switched to De-Caf!
    To say something good about the single: The version of 22339 on "side two" is actually better than the album version. It´s pretty funky and I love that it sounds like a jam that´s made up on the spot (which it probably is).
    There is a double 7" of this with Feel Me and Living On The Ceiling, are these different versions?
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  6. According to Discogs, it "Contains unique mix of Feel Me." I have the 7" doublepack of Lose Your Love, but only bought the standard 12" of What's Your Problem.

    I always hear Neil as singing "your situation Gladys, strikes me right on my heart".
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  7. We have a tie at number 8. So let love have no bounds as we reveal the first track.
    This first track I didn't like at all back when it was out, but it has grown on me over the years. Listening back just now it has a Tears For Fears vibe before they even had their first hit.

    Score 41 Average Score 8.2 Highest Score 9.5 (EricGeneric) Lowest Score 6 (Hairycub1969)
    Comments Include
    "I used to think this was just a lot of noise thrown together with Neil ad-libbing some sentences here and there, but there's actually some fine production going on here and once you've gotten over the unusual structure of the song, it's great." (Remorque)
    "Was this inspired by the band Fashion who were the “wannabe” band of 1982" (Hairycub1969)
    "Love the Indian touch of this song. " (Filippa)

    Next at 8=
    Another song here that passed me by at the time but listening back it's a lot better than I remember.

    Score 41 Average Score 8.2 Highest Score 10 (EricGeneric) Lowest Score 6 (Filippa)
    Comments Include
    "This is a bit much to me. Interesting but not so likeable." (Filippa)
    "Why did this single only reach 33 in the UK charts? Damn those Flying Pickets covering Yazoo!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Quite enjoyable, but I don't know why it's not clicking with me entirely... Still, a great example of early synth pop." (Remorque)
    Leaving the rate it's Feel Me and That's Love That It Is
  8. Feel Me is probably my favourite Blancmange moment. The "One: HA! Two: HA! HA! Three: HA! HA! HA! Four: HA! AH HA! HA!" is iconique. I love the relentless bass line and the indian percussion on top of it. It´s super funky. The interaction with the backing singers is great and the whole thing feels strangely futuristic and exotic. It hasn´t aged one bit!

    TLTII might have suffered a bit from the video, which looks like they´re trapped in an anti-gravity, suburban gay bar (which would actually be kind of amazing).
    Vishnu (instrumental) is another great b-side.
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  9. The first I heard of Feel Me was the "live twelve inch" version on the B-side of The Day Before You Came 12" single; I thought it was fantastic, full of energy and a bit of menace. Then, upon buying Happy Families, I was disappointed by the original studio version, but it's still great. Hadn't picked up on the Tears For Fears vibe, but I can see what you mean.

    That's Love is completely bonkers, replete with that wonderfully Northern "...that it is" lyric. They were hitting their peak around this time, after Blind Vision, but the #33 peak sent the record label into a panic as they now lacked a proper hit single with which to launch the Mange Tout campaign.
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  10. At the time in Dec 1983 I was shocked that "That's love that it is" stalled at Number 33 - I put it down to being caught up in the Christmas chart - but it's a cracking, demented tune that should have been all over the UK Top 10 at the time with The Thompson Twins "Hold me now" - my Retrochart will correct that - next Christmas!
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  11. I always associate it with another surprise flop from the same time, Love In Itself by Depeche Mode. Both were missing the Top 20.
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  12. Something's Cooking at No7.
    Another grower for me this one. Didn't think much of it at the time, but since then it has grown on me.

    Score 42 Average Score 8.4 Highest Score 11 (Filippa) Lowest Score 6 (Hairycub1969)
    Comments Include
    "Now they’re cooking and in the pop charts!" (Hairycub1969)
    "I like that song. Good rhythm, interesting lyrics and rocking vocals. Couldn’t be any better." (Filippa)
    "I love the simple production on this one. The vocals have quite an agressive tone to them, totally fitting the lyrical content." (Remorque)
    So leaving the rate it's God's Kitchen.
  13. Oh I'm sorry that this song is already gone. This was one of my great discoveries here. I love the lyrics.
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  14. Ring after six! He might be in, real late.
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  15. "I think we're safe"

    Jokes aside, this maybe is one of the best statements I've heard in a song from the 80ies. When you think about those crimes that are still committed in the name of any god ...
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  16. It's a remarkably self-contained style, so early in their career. Unique and confident. I've always loved Neil's strong vocals on all their imperial phase albums.
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  17. Still no sign of that bloody cuckoo tree!
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  18. Bit disappointed in some of your scores so far, Mr Cubster!
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  19. I guess I'm a "conventional" Blancmange fan - my high scorers are most likely in the top six!
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  20. Can you see what's at No6?

    This is where I say Why didn't you leave this alone as I feel the remixed single version of this loses something from it's album mix. But it is an excellent track.
    Score 42.5 Average 8.5 Highest Score 10 (Filippa) Lowest Score 7 (Hairycub1969)
    Comments Include
    "I love this song, what a chorus! Somehow it sounds so sad!" (Filippa)
    "I quite enjoy this one, because it takes me back to the late 80s when this kind of sound was the norm for Flemish singers." (Remorque)
    "This one has a Heaven 17 feel about it vocally – such a shame that this was way off reaching the UK Top 40 at the time!"
    So I Can See It finishes up at No6.
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