Bleachers - Self-Titled (Deluxe)

“Chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)”

Holy SHIT.

I love Jack and Bleachers to no end, but I’m kinda exhausted by the extent to which he’s teasing this worse than a Big Pop Girl would.

But he’s got a Springsteen collab and remains a low key king of pop, so I’ll let him have his fantasy now that the music is finally coming.
chinatown is a slow-burning anthem, huh. Once Bruce shows up for the second chorus, it feels like it really comes together and takes off. The wall of sound™ glockenspiel is a gorgeous and emotional production touch.

As a New Jersey boy myself, it's both really emotional and a little like fan fiction to watch Jack living out me and my friends' fantasies of making anthemic tunes with the Boss and turning our self-dramatic, suburban ennui into musical cinema.
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