Bleachers - Self-Titled (Deluxe)


Stylizing it as “Jack Antonoff & Bleachers”… They really said let’s cash in on that Taylor bestie status AND lean into his Springsteen & The E Street Band fantasy, huh!

Song is a bit like if anything off the last album (wiry, live band arrangements) had more of the full-bodied production of the first two albums. So, pretty much the platonic ideal of a Bleachers song. I like it!
Not it sounding like it could be found half way through The River.

I'm piqued though, and hope they tour the UK wider than London next time
Preorders are live, out March 8th :
Standard clear edition + 4 colour variant with alternative covers, cassette, CD and signed art print.

A1. i am right on time
A2. modern girl
A3. jesus is dead
A4. me before you
A5. alma mater

B1. tiny moves
B2. isimo
B3. woke up today
B4. self respect
B5. hey joe

C1. call me after midnight
C2. we’re gonna know each other forever
C3. ordinary heaven
C4. the waiter

Vinyl editions get 4 bonus tracks :

Standard clear edition and UO galaxy red
D1. i am in your hands
D2. the backwards heart
D3. question mark
D4. the big bad turnpike ghost

Or alternative covers
D1. i am in your hands
D2. margo
D3. alma mater from the day it was written
D4. drug free america

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01. I Am Right On Time
02. Modern Girl
03. Jesus Is Dead
04. Me Before You
05. Alma Mater
06. Tiny Moves
07. Isimo
08. Woke Up Today
09. Self Respect
10. Hey Joe
11. Call Me After Midnight
12. We’re Gonna Know Each Other Forever
13. Ordinary Heaven
14. The Waiter

Bonus tracks:

01. I Am In Your Hands
02. Margo
03. Alma Mater From the Day It Was Written
04. Drug Free America
I like this—maybe a lot! He's brought back the voice clips that marked the first two albums, it seems. Considering how clear (and beautiful!) Lana's vocal is in the mix, I'm surprised why she goes uncredited here. The gauzy persistent synthscape is what evolves the TTSOOSN soundscape here. I'm cautiously excited for the album considering it's a boldface self-titled consolidation of full-band ethos.

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