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Bleachers - Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Jun 29, 2019.

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  2. Don’t Take The Money is an 11/10. And there were a few more good songs on Gone Now. But their first album was less repetitive and more enjoyable as a whole.
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  3. Give us another one of these, Jack:
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  4. Gone Now was patchy as hell but it grew on me over time. Always perched for anything Jack though.
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  5. Yeah the second album did not reach the highs of the first, but it was enjoyable.
    I’m perched
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  6. He did an Instagram Live a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely devastating. During the livestream, he played "91", from the upcoming album, co-written with Zadie Smith.

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  7. Zadie Smith the author?
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  8. Yup. "It's a song I wrote with Zadie Smith, who I adore". He plays it around 14:15. Song is called "91", and has a chord progression very similar to the one on Taylor's 'New Year's Day'. He says the actual recording sounds completely different though, which makes me even more excited to hear it.

    I think he knows Zadie through Lena (Dunham).
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  9. His first album is brilliant. Rollercoaster, Wild Heart, I Wanna Get Better are some of my most played songs this year. Take Me Away has also grown on me a lot over time.
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    I’m perched
  11. Recent interview:

  12. Sam


    Any news on the album?
  13. Two songs are out on November 20th according to a reliable ATRL insider. They’re titled “Chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)” and “45.”
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  14. He got his Springsteen feature!!! New Jersey torch passing, you love to see it.
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    Oh my god.

  16. [​IMG]
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