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BLΛƆKPIИK - Photoshoots and Samsung Endorsements General Discussion

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. He


    Thank you for this.
  2. They don't make hits like this anymore

  3. Still goes off.
  4. We love their best song.
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  5. I love Playing With Fire too.
  6. Their second best song is also great.
  7. Rosé on her solo release

    It's all very

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  8. He


    She’s going to release some acoustic stuff isn’t she.
  9. Can they even release stuff with all the shit going on at YG lately nn
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  10. He


    Weki legends were able to release when Fantagio had all those issues... Are any other YG acts releasing?
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  11. Jinu just debuted his solo so hopefully Rose will follow in October after the slew of September comebacks. Fingers crossed.
  12. I liked it because it’s going to happen, not because I want it.
  13. Remember when we were supposed to get the rest of the Solos and another comeback this year lol.
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  14. Remember when we thought we would finally be getting English music???
  15. He


    I hope this stays in the bin.
  16. I think about this post everyday.
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  17. He


    Ddd I just looked for it yesterday. Still cackling.
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  19. I am here for this being the concept for their next comeback. This photo shoot is giving me serious Dreamcatcher vibes.
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