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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I mean As If I Could Be Bothered It's Your Last is kinda lazy/by-numbers as far as YG singles go, even if it's just a "single for the fans". I can't imagine they'd do more than they have to with a Japanese re-release when Twice didn't and they actually have three Japanese members...
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  2. Someone just told me that their Japanese EP is going to be their previous songs with no new songs. @He you won.
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  3. He


    I'm not happy I did!
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  4. They won first place on Inkigayo!

    I kinda teared up with them as well. They seem to be under a lot of pressure to do well because, you know, YG artists are supposed to do well. I hope they just enjoy this era and just perform free from pressure. The Mamamoo girls are so sweet too. Bless them.
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  5. He


    Hadn't they won before though?

    They're quite popular.
  6. They had. It is their first win with As If... . Their sixth overall. And they would have more if they participated in all of music shows.
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  7. Just wanted to drop in and say that I just discovered Blackpink two weeks ago and now I'm hooked. "Boombayah" snatched my weave and made me watch its MV 10,000 times and now I can't stop admiring the charisma and power and talent of this group. How do they stack up with other current girl groups in K-Pop (who for some reason haven't been able to enthrall me as much)?

    Also, this video of Lisa singing Ariana's "Into You" legit slayed my soul:

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  8. I see you @Deja-Boo unnie! Are you slowly warming up to BLACKPINK? Come join me here. xoxo
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  9. ddd I think I've been converted finally. I tried keeping a distance despite bopping to their singles last year (because honestly, if in 2017 you still get attached to YG groups you've got nobody to blame but yourself when they get to the inevitable heartbreak of delayed comebacks), but there's something about As If It's Your Last that takes me back to peak 2NE1 like, I can literally hear exactly where Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy would've had their lines and it makes me so nostalgic. 2NE1 were the first group I ever stanned for and I even started Kpop as a YG stan, so...yeah.

    As If It's Your Last is amazing, the live stages are great, Lisa and Jennie in particular are superstars (and now I remember how excited I was for the new group after hearing Jennie feature on GD's Black in 2013), I love Rose's vocal tone, and I'm sure they'll evolve into their own unique sound and image soon enough. For now they're still rookies and hell, 2NE1 rejects are still better than most Kpop, so sign me up.
  10. Poor Jisoo.
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    I agree about your take on As If It's Your Last. That chorus has Bom written all over it. That's probably why I'm one of the biggest defenders of the song dddddddddddd.

  12. The outfits [​IMG]
    Jisoo's hair [​IMG]
    Public losing their shit [​IMG]
  13. I really want to love the song, but I find I can only get into it when I watch them dance?
  14. 3Xs



    My faves.


    Are back in the top 15 on MelOn after several weeks of release.

    DESPITE releasing a musically risky single.

    DESPITE a CEO who is actively trying to sabotage them.

    I mean just WOW.

    Song of summer on lock and 100 million coming on Youtube?

  15. 3Xs


    Truly such a beautiful day to be in the BLACKPINK fandom. Do you remember where you were one year ago when the most iconic GLOBAL debut in K-Pop history occurred?

    Let's review:

    August 8, 2016: It was a day like any other, or so you thought. There wasn't much going on in your area, but then, suddenly... A sultry, humid summer beat just swaggers in HEAVY and demands your attention. "Oh? This isn't what I've heard from a k-pop girl group in some time," you think as Jennie sneers into the camera lens and you realize this isn't going to be JUST another flop-by-night girl group.

    "I don't want a boy, I need a man." *pussy drops onto the ground*

    Ec-excuse me??? A MAN? Lisa, perhaps completely unaware that as she says this the entire industry is in a wave of pandering, submissive school girl concepts is CHALLENGING you. It's something you almost never see in modern K-Pop, a truly pivotal moment for women in the genre. But before you can even catch a breath Jennie SLAMS the locker door shut. Oh.... schools out already? Guess I won't be doing my home work toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- Your eyes go white and you can't see, blinded as Jisoo LUSCIOUSLY applies a smattering of pink lipstick in the girl's bathroom. "Oh.... so this group is going to be serving talent and visuals?" you say to yourself as you unknowingly begin to sweat.

    Finding the strength to press play again... only to stop. A T H R E E H U N D R E D A N D S I X T Y D E G R E E H A I R F L I P.... your heart, your poor gay heart. The beat doesn't even wait for you as it effortlessly rolls into the second verse like melted butter on your back. You've suddenly sweat through your entire outfit but you don't have a moment to stop and notice. Lisa is demanding - no - FUCKING DEMANDING you to pay her. "So not only are you telling me these women are serving talent, music and visuals, but they are demanding equal payment for their services?" you quiver as the adhesive on the back of the Hillary bumper sticker dries to CRUST on the back of your laptop.

    But it was red-haired Rose who delivered the final blow. Just when you THOT the second chorus would give you a moment to compose yourself - "well I already heard this par--" Rose slides across the floor on her back and all four girls lie down on top of each other. Seeing these girls who are literally WORKING every floor, ceiling, and wall in this music video while your former faves can barely clean the floors during their night shift to afford their next comeback - it's that moment when you realize this is what you've been missing. A strong, confident girl group who can inspire a generation of young women to take hold of their own destinies, jumping into a rainbow-colored sky just like at the end of the video.

    12 months and 200 MILLION VIEWS later and this song still tantalizes the senses. What a song. What a moment. What a MOVEMENT.

    And now for a little bit more for the salt zone:

    Most View Kpop Group Debut M/V: BOOMBAYAH almost 200M
    Most View Kpop Group Debut M/V 24hrs: BOOMBAYAH 3.3 million
    Most Viewed Kpop Group M/V 24hr: AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST 13.3 million
    Fastest Kpop M/V to 100M Views: AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST 46 days
    Fastest Music Show Win for Girl Group: 13 days (WHISTLE)
    First K-Pop artist in history to reach #1 on WW and US iTunes album chart
    Only third artist in history to score all-kill with debut single; first in 6 years (WHISTLE)
    1st K-Pop Girl Group to Top Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart With Debut Songs (BOOMBAYAH)
    2016 Asia Artist Awards: Best Rookie Award
    2016 Melon Music Awards: Best New Artist
    2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Music Video - WHISTLE
    2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best of Next Artist Award
    2017 Golden Disc Awards: New Artist of the Year
    2017 Seoul Music Awards: New Artist of the Year
    2016 Gaon Chart Music Awards: Rookie of the Year
    1st Triple Crown (SBS Inkigayo): AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST

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  16. I still listen to Playing With Fire daily. Has there ever been a group with a more consistent discography?

    Let's pretend Stay doesn't exist.
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  17. Why do y'all always put Stay as their worst track ?

    For me it's:

    PWF > Boombayah > As If It's... > Stay > Whistle

    And they're all 9+.
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  18. Switch Stay and Whistle for me, and lower Stay to the 5th sub-basement.
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