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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I actually got around Stay so much lately... I understand why people hate it. But it's still a solid 8/9 for me. The La-La-La part is gorgeous and the visuals in the MV are maybe their best.

    Anyways Happy Birthday to queens of kpop! Hopefully we're in for many-many years with them and we get more albums/songs than we expect.
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  2. 3Xs


    Fascinating isn't it how a girl group with no promotions in the west is just dominating like this? No Letterman performances here, just results.
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  3. Savage.
  4. My favourite part of that article was:
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  5. T A L E N T
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  6. sorry for spam but Dance video to Yonce.. My girl dropping her body around like no joke, Weak link? I don't think so teebs.

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  7. That insane level of synergy is the work of the devil.
  8. Truly putting their CUNTS on display...

    A RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 1 reference, don't ban me!
  9. [​IMG]


    Release a studio version of this asap, @YG Entertainment! I NEED IT.
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  10. Not available to view in my flop country!

    Luckily they uploaded to their official channel an hour ago.

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  11. 3Xs


    Most iconic and GLOBAL debut in K-Pop history!!!!

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    Just imagining the slayage now if Square Three is a black concept

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    Also can we all take a moment to just appreciate the fact that As If It's SOTY is the longest promoted single in YG history?

    Papa YG even throwing Queen Gummy a bone and finally cross-promoting ha ass 4 years after she left his company ddd


    I just want to say THANK YOU to whichever person slipped horse tranquilizers into YG's orange juice and is finally promoting these girls proper. TALENT has been saved.

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  14. Truly the most global queen of kpop stanning the most global pop star of the West.

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  15. The girls performed at A-Nation in Japan today. They were dwarfed by the massive stage. They did their best but the stage looks so empty without any backing dancers or anything.

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  16. Just watched it, it was cute.. I absolutely love all their songs in Japanese especially Rose's prechorus in As If It's Your Last. But poor her she had mic & outfit problems.
    On the bright side all of their merch sold out pretty quick, including special CD preorders that keep being sold out/restocked on the website, YG played it very smart debuting them so quick there.
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  17. I did notice Rosé playing with her mic. Not something she needs on top of performing in Japanese.

    Sounds amazing that they're selling out their merch in Japan, but the cynic in me wonders how much stock YG/Avex made available in the first place. Easy to sell out if there's not much available. Hopefully it is a genuine case of demand outstripping supply and the group are quickly gaining fans in Japan.
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    I mean... Did we not say global domination? *giggles*

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  19. Queens and saviours of Kpop!! Officially! I am so hooked on "As if it is your last".
    At first I was like, whas dis shit? But now I'm even doing their move when they hook each other in their arms with myself!
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