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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I love the shoot and they look stunning and I'm really happy for them, this is quite major.
    However, I'm getting quite bored of seeing them dressed in the brands they each have an endorsement with.
  2. It may be a stipulation of their contracts with each brand, though I agree it feels somewhat "safe" and limiting. It somewhat successful in the How You Like That video at least, the looks in the snow scene were great.
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  3. Ice Cream picked up a win on Inkigayo...
    Good for them...
  4. Album is out in 12 days where the hell are teasers???
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  5. I can't believe @Slice of Life missed this opportunity to inform us about #SelenaUnnie1stWin.
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fffffff binch

    We'll it's here
  7. A Teddy(?) produced Black concept, you Pink concept girlies had your fun. Back to business.
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  8. I prefer the Black concept obviously, but.... Teddy don't produce it challenge, do that challenge
  9. After Ice Cream we all want Teddy back
  10. not me thinking for a moment the album was gonna be called COMING SOON and thinking... how apt
  11. I’m not understanding what you all mean by ‘Black concept’ vs ‘Pink concept.’

    Anyway, the poster looks cool and Ice Cream still slaps.
  12. Ddd this was me but I thought FULL ALBUM is also part of the title now.

    But then I remembered they're probably saving that for their second and final album in 2023.
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  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Black concept

    Pink concept

  14. Am I the only one who's pretending that Ice Cream does not exist?
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  16. Jisoo looks absolutely amazing
  17. YG makes it so hard for me to root for Blackpink ddd. For a group of this caliber, the majority of the visuals this era have been shockingly cheap and garish. I'm begging YG to get a new art director for them. Or a new graphic designer, anyone who could whip up something sleeker than this Times New Roman over a filtered collage mess.
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