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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. 3Xs


    #1 album for the week in Japan!!! We love ourselves a global debut <333
  2. GLOBAL queens

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  3. I had a bit of editing fun:
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  4. And the last 2 that matter kii

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  5. Uhm she also followed them, get more magazine deals girls! not like you're busy recording.

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  6. I noticed Naomi liked one of their Instagram posts. Thought it was a bit odd.
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  7. I like how Jisoo sounds the best in this kind of semi-live setting.
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  8. lets fucking GOOO

    filming in Hawaii

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  9. Can we get more music than a single every 6 months instead?
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  10. Um YG fucked up BP's momentum this year, didn't they? In a year that every group are releasing 2-3 albums, they only released 1 buzz single and instead went to Japan for a smaller success. And I feel like people actually talk about them less than groups like Twice and Red Velvet these days which is a shame since they were like ''the future of K-Pop'' last year.
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  11. And now they’re wasting their time on a TV show instead of actually getting on with their job and putting an album out. Will YG ever learn.
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  12. When it comes to girl groups probably not.

    If I'm honest, from time to time I do think that maybe YG has a grand plan for them and that they'll release singles on the regular and then a full album. But then I come to my senses and remember it's fucking YG.
  13. This is so sad, especially because I feel like Blackpink has such a unique and powerful sound compared to Twice and Red Velvet (and other girl groups in general), even with the release of As If It's Your Last. Any hope for a new single or Square Three early next year?
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  14. Literally going to see Justice League tomorrow just to witness Blackpink's cameo for myself. If YG won't let them release new music, at least they get this...
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  15. I'm here for BlackPink but this is a choice.
  16. Guess I should correct to say "Literally going to see Justice League tomorrow *with a friend* to witness Blackpink's cameo for myself *and to convert this friend to love Blackpink too*.
  17. Oh my god BOOMBAYAH goes the fuck OFF

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  18. He



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