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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. So when are we getting "So Hot" today, I'm on the edge of my seat.
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  3. Teddy's remix takes out most of the original song's energy.
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  4. That remix is shit.
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  5. So Bland.
  6. Don’t know the original but watched this cover this morning. Waste of time.

  7. The iconic "Blackpink in Your Area." That beat and Jisoo and Rose's vocals. Lisa and Jennie's OG rap. I died and went to heaven.
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  8. It would have the potential to actually be iconic if they released more than 5 songs in 18 months.
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  9. It's actually such a shame to see the way YG has yet again completely fucked them over.

    I genuinely think they could be making waves internationally in the same way BTS is at the moment, but YG has done pretty much everything possible to stop it from happening. They don't even have an album out for crying out loud and they debuted nearly two years ago.
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  10. I just discovered Boombayah the other day and this is basically what happened to me...
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  11. [​IMG][​IMG]

    • SINGER
    • DANCER
    • MODEL

  12. I think BlackPink would have a great chance internationally too. It's kinda hard to be a fan when nothing much happens with them though.
  13. Is this what happened with 2NE1? I didn’t really follow them.
  14. They releasing only 2 albums and total of 40 songs in 6-7 years says it all.

    I doubt their situation was as bad as BlackPink's though. Releasing only one single in a year that could define the group's career is... embarrassing.
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  15. I've seen many a girl group crumble after a few singles over the years and it's always sad... But, the gruelling multi-year training that K-Pop groups have to go through, it's pretty cruel that their management can't get their shit together for these people who've put their blood, sweat and tears (And I'm sure they have to put money forward somewhere) into becoming the entertainers that the companies have asked for.
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  16. It's so sad she's already retired :(
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  17. Don't come for the Inkigayo MC like this. At least she's employeed unlike the other 3 fads.
  18. I didn't realise Jisoo was still doing that but I guess the group haven't had many commitments and a girl's gotta pay off her YG training debt somehow.

    How long did Jeongyeon do it for? I mean, she wouldn't have been able to do it for as long because TWICE are like, 10x more active, but she did it for a while in 2016 didn't she?
  19. She did it for couple of months. Jisoo's doing it longer though her contract is up in February.
  20. He


    Don’t big 3 trainees get their debt relieved once they debut?

    Or is this an urban myth?
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