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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Jennie’s “finsta” is back, after apparently getting hacked a few months ago.

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  2. Slice of Life

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    I'm like 90% sure it's a concert. Guess the rumours of a repackage this December isn't real after all.
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  3. Technically, they could still announce one, but I'm keeping my expectations low dddd
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  4. Anything other than a concert would be a disappointment with all this teasing, so I hope it is ddd.
  5. They'd be so dumb not to have an online concert at this point. Dua's concert attendance was driven largely by Chinese audiences and Blackpink is literally the biggest act there right now. I'm just ready to drag YG if it isn't a concert announcement dddd
  6. Considering all the buzz, I’ll be pretty upset if a livestream show isn’t announced.

    But this is the announcement of the announcement for Thursday, right?
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  7. Please be a livestream concert and an album repackage. Give the girls more songs to perform live, YG.
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  8. As a huge Miguel fan, this was nice to find

    I... honestly think only Jisoo captured the essence of the song. I wouldn’t have thought her voice suits R&B so well.
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  9. As both a BLACKPINK and Miguel stan, this performance was rough. Jisoo was great though, as you pointed out.
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  10. Taste!

    To be fair, the arrangement was really weird, too. I feel like they were trying too hard to make it more energetic when the original song’s appeal is to be very chill. Jisoo made the right move to focus on the vocal, I’d love a solo version.
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  11. I’m here for any amount of Jisoo praise...
    Stop sleeping on her...
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  12. She doesn’t have as much stage presence as the others, but I’ve always found her voice really pleasant to listen to, and she has such a light personality. And I’m basing this just off the videos we see of them, but she looks like she’s the glue that holds them together because the other 3 seem to have strong personalities.
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  13. He


    It seems Jisoo is a bit more experienced and mature: she's older and she had a regular student life before the group. She seems more chill and grounded.
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  14. Absolutely beautiful, too, even when the stylist did her dirty in the iconic yearbook photo.



    If I were that gorgeous, I wouldn’t be half as down to earth dddd but she’s a gem in the videos I’ve seen of her recently.

    I really hope she does well in Snowdrop. I’m sure the series will get a lot of initial attention because of her, and hopefully, will boost her profile even further.
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  15. This is brilliant! I want to recreate one of their videos now.

    One thing I've noticed recently when watching the video - does Jisoo not sing the final section of Kill This Love with the others?
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  16. 9247400F-9A6A-4178-9B9D-2BE88B0454F3_1_201_a.jpeg

    They really were the sound of my Lockdown 1.0 so I am not surprised I listened to them so much this year. More bops next year please, girls!
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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  18. I mean $30 is a pretty penny - especially since you won’t even be able to rewind it - but I don’t really have any reason not to make this my 9pm Saturday night plans. It’s the perfect post-Christmas treat.
  19. Yeah, I’m definitely watching this. I hope YG doesn’t scrimp on the production.
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