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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. They’re Variety’s Group of the Year. They got chosen apparently because of Ice Cream, Ice Cream truthers really won! Would Variety lie?
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  2. Her job is to serve, your honor.

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  3. I posted this in the K-Pop thread, but given there's an issue with YG, why was Treasure given that much budget and time for that really long set? I'm beginning to believe there really may be some internal issue between YG and the girls?
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  4. The girls won four MAMA Awards:

    Best Female Group
    Best Dance Performance Female Group
    Worldwide Fan's Choice
    2020 Visionary Award

    Also they just won a Boom Boom Award (from China):
    Most Popular Overseas Group
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  5. I remember they also won some Visionary Award, along with BTS.
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  6. I’m honestly so glad Rosé answered this question so well. Honest but gracious. I honestly cringe when pop stars say they don’t care about numbers and sales.


  7. Queens!!!!
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  8. Jisoo professionally talking directly into the camera without glancing at the cue cards hidden below offscreen.. UGH she is so powerful.

  9. It was all a metaphor for the melting ice caps in the ocean, I see. The layers you can continue to unpack from this #13 Rolling Stone Best Song of 2020 (not everyone has that) hit, I fear.

  10. Absolute scream at Ice Cream getting all this acclaim. The critics be poppin’ like a wheelie.

    Congrats to the girls, as well!

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  11. Slice of Life

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    CUTIE ♡♡♡ I hope Joohwangie won't be jealous especially since Rosé made a separate Instagram account for Hank ffffffff.

  12. Oh this wasn’t posted yet, but it’s Rosé’s feature. Doesn’t really say anything new, except this bit about Gaga being super involved with watches Oreos makeup their collaboration.


  13. Maybe Gags can make a special appearance?
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  14. BLINKS are speculating about a sub unit between Jisoo and Rosé after that history; also #ExcitedForRosé is being tweeted a lot now promoted by fans wanting news about Rosé's promised solo.
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  15. Is sending a food truck to set the love language of all the Korean A-Listers? Dddd I’ve heard of quite a few stars doing this. Cute though!

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  16. The doc picks up as it goes and ends up being fantastic but, man the first few minutes of it are so downtempo. I can see casuals clicking play and then stopping watching.
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  17. Watched the doc yesterday, cried. I love these girls.
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