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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. He


    Rosé is like... their only trained vocalist. Also, you don't need good vocals for bops.

    Either way, I'm not so sure Lisa and Jisoo will get solos soon after though, maybe after another group outing?
  2. I actually like the idea of all of them having solos before the next group era so each girl can have a “solo” stage at their concerts and shows.
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  3. Say life’s a bitch, but mine’s a movie.”

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  4. I’m a realist!
  5. Jisoo needs to release her solo RnB jam ASAP!
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  6. This is exciting and all but we've all been here before. I will not believe any of this supposed news to be true until I'm listening to the songs.
  7. We need more "BLACKPINK is the revolution," tbh.
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  8. Biggest female artists (not just among girl groups) in the world this year, I think?
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  9. Jennie set the standard too high with a song charting and being talked about 2 years later, lets see if the girls can replicate the success, we'll be reporting live from Melon 24Hour Chart Headquarters.

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  10. Good for them but I hope their next album will be much better. I like The Album but I expected more. It is lovely and fun but there is nothing special about it.
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  11. I’m manifesting that Rosé’s mixtape (yes, I’m also manifesting it’s a mixtape instead of them just putting out one song with 1 song with 10 stale remixes and calling it a day) is similar to Yerin’s stuff. Give me that cool girl shit and inject it in my veins, Rosé Lo!
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  12. Rose is an acoustic kind of girl and also a Halsey stan. I'm expecting her solo to be heavily influenced by these factors.
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  13. Jisoo is an R&B/Urban queen and also a fan of slow sex jams. I'm expecting her solo (coming in 2024) to be heavily influenced by these factors.
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  14. Lisa has only two moods and that is hot girl shit or sad girl hours, there’s no in between. I’m expecting her solo to be heavily influenced by these factors.
  15. Has anyone watched BLACKPINK House? I just watched the Jisoo highlights and she is so weird and precious

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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  17. Happy, happy birthday to the true embodiment of HAIRBODYFACE.mp3!

    A preview of the experimental PC opuses she’ll be creating for all her future K-Drama OSTs


  18. It will be really a missed opportunity if she doesn’t get to sing the OST of Snowdrop. Is she in a unique position to be in a drama during her group’s peak or were there other instances? I think it could really bring her popularity next level so I’m hoping she can really act well and it can be her ASIB moment!
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  19. I can imagine this type of song as a Lisa solo song.
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