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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. WTF YG? These girls aren't going to have any impact in Japan with some shitty re-release and no new song(s) to promote. God he's an idiot.

  2. At least Twice releases new songs!
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  3. Have they really only recorded five songs???
    Why is YG doing this group so dirty???
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  4. Does it cost so much coin to throw in a new track? I don’t understand. The whole situation is just bizzare
  5. As If It's Your Last was that.. 'throw in a new track' we need a comeback it's been more than 15 months
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  6. Ddddddd do we believe this rat or nah?
  7. BlackPink House has ended, though they teased that there is a 12th episode. It'd be good to maintain visibility by releasing a single but I'm not getting my hopes up too much. "Soon" has little meaning when it comes to the music industry, let along YG.
  8. eck


    I'm optimistic, then I realised this could easily be a MKS situation where soon is pretty much an eternity and beyond.
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  9. At what point to we just give up and get @Deja-Boo to run the discography rate?
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  10. I wonder what the top five songs would be...
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  11. I will make sure So Hot (GlobalTalent Remix) will make it to top 5 by giving it my 11 for a plot twist.
  12. #To_Make_Come_Back_Soon


    I am not falling into the trap this time.
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  13. The fact that this almost has 5M views dddd.
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  14. One of them was from me. I thought YG had surprise released something and was about to scream. I played myself really, thinking YG would do anything exciting or gagworthy.
  15. By comparison 2ne1 were handled well.

    How the hell do you run two girl groups with that much buzz to the ground? So frustrating.
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  16. He


    Male ego? Misogyny?
  17. Blackpink aren't the only YG victims.

    Two Six amazingly talented women. Just sad.
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  18. eck


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  19. So BLACKPINK are apparently going on an Arena Tour in July? Surely that means a comeback is near right?
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