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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I'd bloody well hope so, but we cannot be sure.
  2. eck


    It's probably going to be 5 songs in KR, then the 5 songs repeated in JP.

    Maybe one new song if YG is kind enough.
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  3. He


    They'll just cover Hello Bitches and I Am The Best, and we'll deal.
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  5. I'm not saying I fully believe what YG says but this is still something

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  6. Were there originally 4 "Squares" planned before that whole concept was abandoned with 'As If It's Your Last'? Or was that 4 "Squares" concept just assumed?
  7. I have to admit I understand why's YG pushing this model image on them, this had me gagged.

  8. I think it was planned. I mean, why did they name them "square" if they didn't have plan to release 4 of them?

    Big Bang did the same thing the year before and it worked very well for them so YG probably thought it will work for BP too. But apparently Teddy didn't have enough demos for them and fucked them over.
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  9. Oh wait at this hitting 300M views.

    Don't need new songs when people can't stop playing the 5 you have.
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  10. R92


    When’s this getting moved to Comeback Corner?

  11. I know this isn't an unpopular opinion at this point, but where the fuck is BlackPink
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  12. BlackPink: where it all went wrong
    A three-single journey.
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  13. I was just listening to Playing with Fire and remembered how much hype I had for them at the time of release and how I was ready to fully stan them.

    I'll probably just get over them if YG lied again and they don't come back next month.
  14. Come on YG, this is getting ridiculous. Even ABBA are going to get a comeback before Blackpink.
    Yes, that ABBA.
  15. Drop your buffs, we're drinking sprite!

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  16. I'm glad they found a new job.
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  17. He


    I know it's not the girls fault, but how on earth do they deserve to have any CFs at the moment?
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  18. I don’t really get what the strategy is with them. Like YG is supposedly a top tier company, should they not be churning out music left and right? I mean 2NE1 dropped the blue print for them to pick up where they left off.
  19. While I'm absolutely pissed at YG for his mistreatment of BlackPink, I'm also kinda amazed by how they continue to be such a prominent GG with such little promotion and energy put into them. Talented queens.
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