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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Blackpink will drop like 10 slots on my fav girl groups list if they ever decide to release a collab with any untalented latin pop, annoying man who always releases the same stupid thing to pander the same damn audience and keeping afloat the same decadence and poor mentality in latin america. And I'm not saying this because I hate latin pop, but from my own experience with latin pop, people don't know how harmful it actually is and its cultural implications. Similar things can be said about Kpop in Korea but at least Kpop has opened doors for a more open minded enviroment.

    If they decide to release this thing I'm gonna drag the hell out of it and tank it if it touches KSOTY.
  2. [​IMG]

    I... wow. I don't even know what to say. This is a lot, and none of it is good.
  3. Oh, I don't know why I forgot that she was announced as an ambassador for Dior's fashion as well.
  4. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I honestly have no idea where all this animosity is coming from, but we can have personal issues with the way some Latine artists are portrayed in the West and the way it reflects on Latin America as a whole without becoming outwardly vicious towards one of us. If you have issues with Ozuna due to some of the shit he's pulled in the past, that's totally fair, but this rant about Latin pop as a whole as if it's something we should be ashamed of or ostracize is not it!
  5. I've heard two songs from Ozuna (Taki Taki & Del Mar) and they're both bops so I'm hopeful about this.
  6. If you really want to know where i'm coming from then search how many famous latin pop artists supported the protests my country got trough at the beginning of the year in a genuine way. Search how people could get killed here for coming for any of these artists who get richer and richer as we get poorer and poorer. What Dangerous Maknae said is exactly the problem i have with some people,"oh, i can bop to these songs so it's fine". These songs are always the same thing pandering the same audience, most latin pop artists here are mysogynistic, homophobic, etc, and indirectly or directly spread those messages through their music. At least listen but be aware of these issues.

    And I don't get who i was being vicious to in that post, if someone took it personally it's not my fault.
  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Listen, famous Latin pop artists don't talk about Brasil either. If anything, some of them supported political shit that screwed my country further, even, but it's very weird for you to be focusing on one specific artist who might have not voiced support for the stuff going on in your country, especially when he's not even Colombian. Plus, if the feature comes to be, it doesn't mean people will not be aware of issues? How many k-pop groups who have been severely criticised for something they did, by Koreans, do we still listen to even though we are aware of the criticism?

    There's a line between being socially conscious and critical, and being vitriolic for free, especially when the situation hasn't even come to be yet.
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  8. Lalisa is so bad. They really need some new writers and producers.
  9. Honestly really disappointed by her fit. I hope she changes into something different later in the night!
  10. Saint Laurent's Met Gala offerings are often underwhelming, tbh. But it's still a massive deal that she'll be at the Met Gala.
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fffffffff nawt YG sabotaging Rosé! I hate it here.

    So that’s why there are so few “official” pics of her. The only YG-approved pics so far:
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  12. Oh so I doubt that CL/Rosé picture is happening.
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  13. latin pop artists, mostly males, always get a pass somehow, no matter what, and that's what i'm talking about. It's not only Ozuna but the whole scene. The song is basically confirmed by now and people are, already, supporting just for the sake of some success in the continent. So I'm sorry but I really won't go back in my words, yes I was being kinda vicious and rude but it wouldn't be the first time that happens in the forum. People voice their opinions in a similar way all the time? Thing is the situation is really serious to me, and I'm gonna keep bringing the whole latin pop for reasons i already mentioned, that's how i'm gonna end it.
  14. Ozuna???
    The same Ozuna that’s been accused of coercing underaged talent into sexual favors in return for opportunities???
    That Ozuna???
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  15. Her voice serving cunt, but I really wish the outfit matched it. Gorgeous though!
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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The way the whole YSL team is better at promoting Rosé/On The Ground than YG ffffffffffffff, you better stan!
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  17. She looks SO good here, the messy ponytail is such a lewk. We stan
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  18. Just to clarify, my post wasn't really related to the conversation that you guys were having. I don't even know who he is and what he has done, so my post wasn't a "oh who cares, let's focus on the music instead" take at all.

    Anyways, Playing With Fire should've been the K-Pop song that made the Rolling Stone top 500 songs list. Am I right, ladies?
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  19. If I hard to pick a BP song, it would be either Whistle or DDDD…
    Choosing from K-Pop more broadly, either I GOT A BOY or Something by TVXQ…
  20. Playing With Fire is still my favourite song of theirs.
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