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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. So Momo and Nayeon from Twice, Seulgi and Yeri from Red Velvet and Yuqi and Minnie from Girdle attended their concert. We love girl power!


  2. SO MANY idols and celebrities attended the concert. I'm so soft. Irene even gave Jennie a gift. And the Thai line of Lisa, Sorn and Minnie is so iconique.

    Basically legends supporting legends. ♡
  3. WAIT


    I wonder why Miyeon didn't attend though. She trained with BLACKPINK after all.
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  4. Okay but this is the collaboration that we need.

    YG Station single featuring CUBE artists please xoxo
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  6. 3rd highest first hour unique listeners on Mel0n for a soloist behind IU.

  7. Fuck. Even Soribada and Mnet the snake cooperated.
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  8. I really like SOLO.

    Rosé is my favourite but I know her song is going to be more Stay than Playing With Fire.
  9. Rose is my most anticipated solo out of the group too. I don't think it's going to be the laid-back track many are assuming it will be, I can see her poppin' with that guitar.
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  10. Jennie's Solo is great and the video? Wow. She is stunning.

    Lisa was the first one who caught my eye (she's so charismatic and just has IT) but Jennie is a close second but I love them all. Such a shame their musical output is criminally low.
  11. I'm also hoping Rose's solo is not a acoustic song but even if it is, we all know queen of taste, Jisoo, will deliver.
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  12. Ugh. Legends supporting legends. ♡
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  13. The song is also on its 19th all kill, it’s #1 everywhere except Naver daily chart and Instiz weekly. CAK and probably PAK tomorrow if this keeps up
    Korea’s IT girl.

  14. Congrats bb gurl ♡

    Now onto PAK
  15. SOLO is growing on me a bitsy after watching the video.
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  16. Do we know about the promo schedule for these solo songs? Like will Jennie perform on music shows?
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  17. Yes she will but the music shows that YG doesn't boycott are cancelled for the week so she'll start from next week also dance version of the video is coming Friday.
  18. What’s the difference between certified and perfect all kills?
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but CAK means the song is number one on all the six major sites' real time and daily charts. PAK is the same but with an added twist: the song should be number one in the weekly charts as well.
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  20. I feel like with All Kill, Certified All Kill, Perfect All Kill, Melon's Roof Top, youtube likes and views and the unique listeners in the first hour/day/week/month stats, everyone and their moms can break records and still their fans would go over the moon for that ddddd.
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