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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Does anyone have any info on tickets for their 2019 tour? I'm seriously considering a trip to Hong Kong
  2. He


    Oh Lisa is such a star. She should get dance breaks like Momo.

    So Jennie is back at the number one spot on MelOn and boygroup stans (cough Wanna One stans cough) are saying her streams aren't legit and a 'supercomputer' is behind Solo's massive streaming numbers hsagfashgf.

    I have to laugh. This is giving me so much life.
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  5. I'm a bit sad that Solo is so bad that I can't enjoy its success.
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    I live. Anything to make boy group fans pressed.

    Now let me force myself to like Solo.
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  7. I want the next girl already, it wont happen until January most likely but Solo came and went with no real impact. I'm still shocked that was given to Jennie, none of the girls deserved that.
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  8. ddddd

    The 3 remaining songs are now released in Japanese and they're actually rapping in the said language.
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  10. Well its official, and to buy their official merch on Amazon from YG its like 40-80 dollars for a shirt!

    I think its cute. Reminds me of Madonna's Blonde Ambition merch.
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    Well I’m sure there’s some fan designs that might be much better.
  12. It looks totally fan made and I would never wear it (which is to say they're already sold out of my size)...
  13. She serveddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for my photobook to arrive

  14. What a queen.

    Also, I have fallen into a YouTube vortex and I haven't watched anything else but reaction videos of all their music videos and I regret nothing.
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  15. Jennie isn't live is she?

    I did this with ddu reactions and enjoyed them a bit too much. Loved seeing people freak out to the dance break and Jennie's rap dd

    Love it, would wear this on a night out.
  16. I think I just created a new Blink at work this evening.
    I was once again making a running inside joke about being "in the area" or "the general vicinity" in the BP style and a co-worker's 29ish daughter was visiting, overheard us giggling about it and wanted to know what was so funny about being "in the area", so I just kinda said, "Oh it's just this Korean group's catch phrase." She was sitting next to me so I just popped "Boombayah" up on my monitor and cranked it. After 30 seconds she was screaming. Absolutely fucking loved them. Watched "Duu" after that.... She has no clue about KPop but BP's gonna be in her general vicinity when she gets home tonight. Too funny.

  17. Meanwhile iKON gets 4 comebacks in a year. YG the meninist jumped out.
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  18. How have I only just discovered BOOMBAYAH???

    My body found dead on the floor.
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