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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. YG is talking shit about the other members having solos too, isn't he?

    I can only think he keeps them so limited because their comebacks are then met with such hype. Even 2NE1 didn't have it this bad.
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  2. That dance break is SO GOOD and Jennie's rap? My jaw still drops every time I hear it even though I've listened to it multiple times already.

    I have been obsessing over their dance practice videos (DDDD is insane and so is Boombayah) and I can't stop watching them. I'm disappointed they don't have dance practice videos for all of their songs.

    Lastly, their cover of Miguel's Sure Thing? Holy shit. Jisoo singing in English! Lisa and Jennie trading raps (I read that they wrote part of the English rap)! Rose slaying her vocals as per usual! What a fantastic cover.

    @Cotton Park: That is an awesome story. This is how we turn people into Blinks.
  3. Jennie is getting dragged on social media, but honestly I think 90% of it is from dumbass army's.
  4. He


    For what reason?
  5. Jennie's DDU-DU DDU-DU rap is the moment of 2018.
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  6. I imagine it’s related to

  7. I saw that video while it was up and it was mostly Lisa stans in the comments section ddd
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  8. Jennie's dancing skills has always been questionable. Even in the Solo video you can see how she's miles worse than all of her back up dancers. But she's got a pretty voice and striking features, that's enough to make her memorable.

    (She does look like she's over pretty much everything most of the time tho ddd)
  9. Ddddddd kinda living for this Jennie mess. Jennie is the true successor of Jessica. Legends only.
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  10. Dddd they also share the same level of taste, don't they?
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  11. Jennie is my bias, but even before I saw fans comments I noticed her stage presence was serving Dua Lipa. It doesn’t help when performing next to Lisa
  12. No but seriously, I genuinely think Lisa akgaes people just like to clown on Jennie now because of the success of Solo. They believe it's success is undeserved. If Solo flopped to oblivion, no one would bat an eye if Jennie isn't as energetic in stage as a hooker who's rent is due in a few hours. Sure, I would love for her to improve her craft but people thinking Jennie is the first idol to half-ass a choreography is lying to themselves.
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    I mean Jennie isn’t even the second best dancer in the group. Blackpink are patchy as a live act and of course individually that would be more noticeable.

    I do think that if she’s shown maybe less energy it might be because that’s the case? She might be overworked or uninterested or just plain tired. Idols have ridiculous schedules, even Blackpink who does one comeback every two years.

    It can’t help that people want to invalidate your success because you couldn’t be your best at some useless music show. A male idol wouldn’t have gotten this much shit.
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  14. I actually think the Solo performance was good. She looks more uninterested in the group performances.
  15. As the biggest BLACKPINK stan here and Jennie being my #2, it's quite obvious something happened to her energy and for that I'll blame the countless As If It's Your Last performance, she was unmatched in stage presence before that especially performing Playing With Fire and during the award shows in 2016 and start of As If It's Your Last, but since they started promoting the latter she has started to lose focus and half arse some of the performances. When she wants to bring it, she most certainly can but lately she's not doing it and it shows especially in the concert I've watched from start to finish which is unacceptable. It seems like the 'So Hot' performance at the Gayo last year did some voodoo cause Jisoo has been incredible since then and Jennie keeps sinking it's like they switched characters on stage. Hopefully since the news have gotten to YG and probably to her, she gets back to her old mojo and they can s*ay as 4 cause the other 3 are far better than her now.
  16. Speaking of Jisoo, I'm honestly proud of how great she has become since the debut. I remember people here (mostly roux ddddd) calling her the Dara of the group, the useless one etc when the debut performances came out which made me like her even more since I have a soft spot for useless unnies ddd but now she really is killing it on every part. She basically owned the DDDD comeback for me.

    And speaking of DDDD, I think it's officially my K-Pop song of the year.
  17. Quoting this for receiptery later on xoxo
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  18. I'M READY
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  19. If I didn't know I'm in the BP thread, I would think this is Hyoyeon dd.

    But I'm ready too. PLEASE be a bop.
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  20. feat. Jisoo tripping almost nn and sound problem...

    Honestly I'm devastated they still have 0 daesangs and the fact that YG gave them a fucking cage for the performance while iKON got an amazing stage and orchestra. Uhhh this is becoming worse each day
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