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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Finally the k-pop concert Europe deserves. Admittedly I'm not the biggest fan, but they're a good live act so I'll definitely be trying to get the cheapest seats if they come to Amsterdam/the UK at a decent date.
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  2. Time to drop uni and start working two jobs!
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  3. Looks like France is on the list!

  4. I doubt they'll come here, but if they do I'm prepared to be one of the six people going to Fryshuset.
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    Maybe they’ll do the UK and France? Netherlands would be wishful thinking, sadly.
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  6. The cities they’re coming to are listed here.
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    Yassss! Now let me sell a kidney for these overpriced tickets.
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  8. Okay now Berlin's the cheapest, Barcelona is the cutest and I just love Amsterdam. Sophie's choice realness. (Please god don't let teenage girls and eurogays buy it all out within first 2 minutes)
  9. Waiting for those USA dates. No way they wouldn't come to NY, right?

    In what kind of venues do you guys think they'll be performing? Arenas? I've no doubt they'll sell them out but I've no idea how big of a following they have here in the US.
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    I’d say theaters. 1-5k capacity? I don’t think they could do arenas just yet.
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  11. I can see them going higher. Like arenas. Even the same as BTS did just one date and not two. Demand is obviously there.
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    I really thought arenas would be ambitious. But it would also make it cheaper, so I’m here for it.
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  13. I could do Amsterdam actually...
  14. OMG I'm so gonna try to go to London.

    But ww needs dates and prices to start planning!!!!!1
  15. Strange how they just dropped the dates with not indication as to when it will be. Surely they’ll be an album out before then? I would consider going if that was the case because I don’t fancy paying an arm an a leg to see 9 songs and some solo stages hhhh
  16. I can't imagine such a set list would go over well in the West, so I really hope there's no music (but I'm in no way optimistic)...
    Given the amount of Koreans living in New York and California, they could easily sell out a few arenas along the coasts...
  17. The way I know Australia only got dates because of Rosè.

    Watch it only be Sydney and/Melbourne though.
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  18. I really screamed at lunch when I saw they were coming to London. Boombayah is going to do it's thing live I just know it. I want them to play at Brixton Academy just because I prefer a more intimate venue but it will most likely be the 02.

    Crying for my t-shirt moment.
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  19. I’m not sure I can see them doing arenas, especially with such a small songlist. But at least it’s a good indication that YG is trying, and we have to be grateful for that.

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